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Media Watch on Manchester United – Feb 24

February 24, 2011 – There are more Manchester United stories published in the media than any other club – some are worth reading, others are absolute garbage! So how can anyone possibly keep up with them all? Truly Reds does it’s best to bring you the latest news about The Reds but there’s only so much that can be covered. Our only alternative is to collate the stories which cannot be updated on a daily basis so that they can at least be brought to your attention each Thursday of  every week

Ryan Giggs signs a a 12 month contract extension. The man is an absolute legend

Giggs just keeps going on and on at Old Trafford – The Independent

21 years up for the Welsh WizardDaily Telegraph

Scholes also expected to go on for one more year – The Sun

Statement of Glazer intentions within days – Daily Telegraph

Qatar intend to win over United fans – Mail Online

“Wenger and myself are the example” Sir AlexDaily Mirror

Latest interview with King EricThe New York Times

John Terry still hopeful of reeling in United – The Guardian

Arrests in Rooney baby kidnap plot BBC

Ferguson not happy with Euro Final ticket prices – BBC

Did you expect better than a scoreless draw in Marseille?


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