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United accused of ‘racketeering’…by the French!

French radio stations have vowed to boycott the Manchester United v Marseille Champions League clash next month over the “exorbitant” transmission fees being demanded by the English Premier League giants. Radio France chief of sport Jacques Vendroux said United had demanded 26,000 euros from each French radio station wishing to cover the second leg of their last 16 clash at Old Trafford. He told AFP that the demand was the “most exorbitant sum” he had ever heard of, was all the more bizarre because English radio stations were able to cover the first leg in Marseille on Wednesday for free when the sides played out a scoreless draw. As a result, he said Radio France and its two sister stations France Info and Radio Bleu Provence, would be joined by RTL, Europe 1 and RMC in boycotting the match on March 15.

“Two weeks ago Manchester United asked us for 26,000 euros in transmission rights for each radio station while the English stations got to work for free during the first leg in Marseille on Wednesday” Vendroux said “Now, we have all agreed that we will not cover the match” He added “It’s the most exorbitant sum I’ve ever heard being asked for a football match since the start of the Champions League.”

“It’s totally unheard of. We won’t be part of this racketeering”. Vendroux said he had “personally” informed UEFA chief Michel Platini, adding “Platini told me he would be looking into it and would inform the relevant service.”

UEFA stated that each club was at liberty to allow “two radio stations free access on the night of Champions League matches, with a fee of around 1000 euros for technical purposes”. European football’s ruling body added, however “For all other radio stations, the host club is at liberty to exploit its rights as it likes.”

Do you agree that Uniting are using a form of extortion?


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  1. RedScot says:

    I blame Patrice Evra for this,for his misconduct during the World cup,and leading that debacle to rid Les Bleu of that maniac,Domenech.I would like to pin the blame on Gabriel Obertan,but thats just lame, and not thought throw. 🙂
    Seriously, is it a bit of Tit for Tat, with Platini, we know there is no love lost in that relationship, with United.He will stick his big “Conk” into the matter as per.I also think, with the hassle,United supporters were subjected to in the Stade Velodrome after the match,and before the match, the abuse meeted out to the United supporters, bye the French Police.One never know’s.
    United is a commercial operation, a buisness wether we like that or not, its a fact, and politics and rational will go on that a mere mortal like me will never truly understand.

    I think if the two Radio stations are being asked/requested that they pay said fee for the rights to cover the match and find the fee excessive.Its a pyramid, United is the top of the pinnacle, ask your advertisers on your radio station’s(assuming there commercial)for a larger fee for the right to advertise over the “air ways” during the match.Everybody is happy, and fans continue to pay, one way or another.Sorted. Simples. 😀

  2. RedScot says:

    I should proof read before I post. For grammer and spelling, and my there and thars. 🙂
    I am not really interested in this, its Friday night, we have a laugh, and picture a win tommorow at the DW stadium.Cleverley is obviously not playing, thats a blessing, he in my opinion is going to be a part of the missing links we have at United, a fast flowing midfielder, “who can score goals”.
    I just want a United win tommorow, they have not won a point against United in the Premiership, ever.Lets see if this is a real Manchester United team, or fakers and wannabe’s.
    I am just am aff to the pub, I wanna say, keep it Red, and cheers, for allowing me to write on your fabulous forum.
    Cmon United.Its within our grasp, or a freefall, to despair and tears.

  3. Frank Scicluna says:

    No need to worry about grammar and spelling mate. Just keep on sharing your thoughts with us. Go to the pub, enjoy a few beers and whatever happens, happens. There’s not much any of us can do except watch events unfold and keep our fingers – and everything else, crossed.

  4. marc gelpi says:

    4 games for Patrice, and a raise for that Chelsea groundskeeper.



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