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Che Sera Sera as the season reaches its climax

Just like everyone else, I’m feeling the nervous tension. An awkward trip to Wigan this weekend, were precious points must not be dropped, another tough one to Stamford Bridge on Tuesday night to face the reigning champions followed by a visit to Anfield were Liverpool is certain to do everything in their power to try and stop Sir Alex Ferguson from completing his promise for Manchester United to ‘Knock them off their f*****g perch’ once and for all. Pressure? What pressure? But let’s face it, that’s what our club has thrived on for 20 years.

For all that, let’s always remember that whatever will be will be, Che Sera Sera, a new day will dawn the next morning no matter what. Unlike virtually every other Premier League club, United is always there at the business end of each season to embark on the wild ride that comes with it. So let’s enjoy it.

Unless the unexpected happens with both United and Arsenal suffering a late collapse, it’s looking like a two horse race for the title. Without wishing to sound negative, a runner up position is the worst United can expect following three successive championships before relinquishing the title to Chelsea by a single point last season.

Will that be the end of the world? Of course not. With apologies for getting completely away from football, how disastrous will that be for you and I when compared to the current suffering families just like ours are going through in Christchurch and Libya? Proper perspective is sadly so often lost in our lives!

Having said that, I’m still convinced that United will succeed in winning title number 19 – thanks to the experience of  Sir Alex. As for the Cup tournaments, they’re a lottery and even Ferguson can do absolutely nothing to change the sheer luck involved with those.

Is Ferguson the key to a record breaking United nineteenth championship?


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  1. Andy says:

    We knocked the scouser trash off of our perch 20yrs ago, they just sat on our perch a few years after we suffered a decline at the end of the 60’s without ever knocking us down, so when Fergie came he just put us back where we truly belong and knocked them back down. Time the worlds greatest football club wins a 19th League title ad set the record. THANK YOU FERGIE AND LONG MAY YOU CONTINUE.

  2. bhav says:

    Not to sound churlish, actually it is Que sere sera not che! Good article though like always!

  3. Frank Scicluna says:

    Good pick up bhav, many thanks

  4. Steve says:

    Actually, Bhav, both can do. “Che sera sera” is Italian while “Que sera sera” is Latin!



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