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United are 95 minutes from a record breaking title

Premier League matches no longer last for 90 minutes these days, they have become 95 minute, nail biting affairs. That’s how far away Manchester United stand from a record breaking title win if they succeed in coming back from Stamford Bridge with all three points. Call me a blind optimist if you want but I have no doubt that opening a seven point lead over Arsenal will ensure that the trophy will return to Old Trafford in May. Why? Because United will then carry the momentum to brush aside any challenge Liverpool may provide at Anfield on Sunday and whatever a demoralised Chelsea and Arsenal can muster towards the end of the season.

No team managed by Sir Alex Ferguson will ever throw away such an advantage with just ten matches remaining. That’s how critical the visit to West London has become. Yes, a Liverpool side desperate to stop United from winning another title will be a tough nut to crack as will the visit to Arsenal in early May but the title race will surely be all but over by then if United can obtain the result at Chelsea in the postponed game on Tuesday night.

Am I deluding myself? Some may think so, there can be little doubt however that United will take a stranglehold on the trophy in the next 48 hours should they succeed in returning home from London with an away win under their belts.

So hang on to your hats folks, the wild ride is either nearing its end or is about to become a far more bumpy one. Much will depend on what will be 95 tense minutes against the reigning champions. And the Champions League? Quite bluntly, I don’t give a stuff. Yes the prestige will be great but more than anything, a record breaking championship will be far more satisfying. And as always, I will simply retain my complete faith in Sir Alex.

Will three points at Chelsea just about clinch another title?


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  1. gora says:

    u are right mate. win tomorrow and thats it.liverpool will be tough. its like a cup final.

  2. s7mu says:

    United can do it at the bridge and its done… GGMU

  3. Chrisw says:

    But our away form is terrible. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get two draws and the Premiership goes right down to the wire with Arsenal.

  4. petemanc says:

    Sorry lad, I hate to be a kill-joy but it isn’t over by a long shot yet! As much as I love this Blog you will look very stupid if it all goes pear shaped. I really hope you are right but The Fat Lady isn’t singing yet….

  5. Kings says:

    Could be right mate. Also, Arsenal still have to go to White Hart Lane before we play them.

  6. Frank Scicluna says:

    Yes petemanc, I may well end up with egg all over my face but I rather that than simply sit on the fence. As mentioned above, I have complete faith in Ferguson finishing the job if United take a seven point lead so close to the end of the season. He would have learned from the bitter lesson of 1991-92 when Sir Alex let the title slip through his fingers. But you’re right, the Fat Lady still has to get on the stage.

  7. Jay says:

    Title is Arsenal’s I’m afraid. ManU will only get a point at Anfield and lose tomorrow.

  8. Frank Scicluna says:

    If you’re a United fan Jay, that’s very negative. If not, it’s wishful thinking. I suspect it’s the latter.

  9. bhav says:

    I sincerely hope you are right. I think we may leave the Bridge with just a point. Anfield is also tricky and being our fiercest rivals they will not want us to get the 19th. So form books don’t count in this match. I would be happy with at least 4 points against these two. That would leave us with a two point advantage ove the gunners, leaving them needing to win all their games in hand including over us, a big ask indeed.

    But what we are all overlooking are:

    the other teams- small fish have fried both of us (wolves for us, newcastle for them)

    The strength of character of both teams, arsenal and man u both have games coming thick and fast.we have fergie so I believe he can handle the juggling of teams better than wenger!

    How much of a cup run both of us enjoy. The longer we are in the fa cup and champions league, the tougher it will get. Same goes for arsenal

    How wenger and his team and indeed the fans recover from the carling cup defeat. I saw the match and wilshere was crying. All of their players looked like they had lost confidence. If they suffer a wobble it will do us good!

    In short there are so many factors that it would be really short sighted to say the coming week will determine our fates. Doing well is necessary but even that will not mean we have the title won. There will be plenty of banana skins yet!

  10. Frank Scicluna says:

    You make some excellent points bhav, it’s hard to argue against any of them. But I still believe that if – and I emphasise the word IF, United takes all 3 points at the Bridge, the title race will be virtually over – for the reasons that you pointed out.

  11. Cantona7 says:

    If we had to play chelsea liverpool and arsenal at home i’d have some hope, but our away form has been terrible



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