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Some United fans must become more objective

Please give me strength! I can understand how disappointment, frustration and yes, even bitterness can boil over soon after a defeat in a crucial game but surely, a little common sense and objectivity must also be part of the thinking. Let’s try to agree that Manchester United is not the perfect team this season and that certain areas need to be strengthened before it becomes the finished product that everyone yearns to see. Yet ask any United fan, any rival fan and any pundit who watched the first 45 minute performance at Stamford Bridge, try and put the events of the second period to one side, then tell me if the team is as bad as this UNITED FAN had to say on one of the  club forums.

“What is under our control is the quality of our squad, which is average at best. Members in this group are complaining that Vidic has jeoparised our season, but in fact, he is one of the few players who deserve to wear the Utd shirt. There are too many players in the squad who are not Man Utd material and SAF needs to offload them during the summer.

We often lack creativity in the midfield and need leaders who can boss that part of the field – someone like Hargo, Keane etc. In too many matches this season, we have never exerted enough control in that area. Enough of all this ‘no value in the transfer market s***’. The squad needs a complete overhaul this summer. It is true that we have lost only 2 games all season, but the draws and our performances away from home is enough to screw up our chances of winning the league.

We now have to go on and beat the fools this weekend (somehow, I just don’t see that happening, albeit I would love to be proved wrong) get something from the Arse when we play them at the Emirates and beat the bullies at home. Sorry for the pessimism, but I have a feeling our season is about to unravel in the next few games.”

Somebody please explain to me how any side can suddenly turn from one which was universally agreed as being fully worthy of winning the title at the break to another that needs a ‘complete overhaul’ in the space of 45 minutes, comments like that defies all logic. Even Sir Alex was visibly stunned by the dramatic turnaround and there’s very little that he has not seen in his long career.

It has to be conceded that United COULD fail to win the Premiership come May. As we saw at Chelsea, events CAN sometimes conspire against you but surely, a degree of objectivity has to be retained – no matter how much frustration sets in.

Does Ferguson need to ‘completely overhaul’ the squad in summer?


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  1. RedScot says:

    Yes I “Agree” With the fan, writing that stuff.Thats if you play football manager , but you must have the upto date version, 2011.You know it makes sense!
    FFS.It was a defeat, the rage and bile I have read around the tinternet, makes me think are these United fans, or lads looking for a reaction.I am a bigger United fan than you, “Ohh no your not”, Yes I am, No your not.Blah Blah. 🙂
    Its boring, we need to lift ourselves it was a lesson, Sir Alex will use it as a weapon to motivate the Lads for Sunday.
    We have the nucleus, of a great team, its all there, if you look closely.
    A few tweeks and a great midfielder/goalkeeper, United are set for many years in the future.
    Also as an added bonus, we have Arsenal on the 12th March in the FA cup, that will destroy their mojo at Old Trafford.Not to mention an away trip to that “bastion” of football powerhouses, the Camp Nou.Its all looking good.
    In the most decorated manager in British football I trust, unless you know more.
    But there is always football manager on xbox. 🙂



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