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Mancini should stay out of the Rooney incident

There have been a number of Manchester City fans coming onto this site recently expressing the opinion that we are obsessed by their club because it has been mentioned in some of our articles. Sorry folks, if you expect any apologies they will not be forthcoming because just like the one which is being raised here, they have always had a Manchester United connection. It’s a two way street so when City manager Signor Mancini publicly comments on the Wayne Rooney incident at Wigan by saying that “For me it was Rooney’s fault and I’m surprised at this. The referee was there. I think that this happens in every country, it’s normal. The big club usually has different treatment. For me it was a red card” he’s perfectly entitled to express an opinion.

It’s fair enough signor, but a response must surely be expected. It begs the question as to what Mancini was REALLY saying for I have learned over many years that what the vast majority of Italians say is not always what they mean. Is the City manager saying that United is a big club therefore receiving  favourable treatment? Is he admitting in the same breath that City is a little club which is being unfairly victimised?

Mancini may believe that City were victimised by being on the receiving end of a retrospective FA sanction a year ago when Patrick Vieira was given a three match ban for kicking out at Stoke’s Glenn Whelan in an incident missed by the referee but later picked up by the authorities.

The bottom line is that Mancini had no cause to get involved in the Rooney matter. Apart from a still possible FA Cup clash, City will not be meeting United again in the Premiership this season so why get involved? The only explanation is that despite the sky blue and white scarf he religiously sticks around his neck at every game, Signor Mancini sees Manchester City as nothing more than a victimised little club trying to keep up with the Premiership big boys.

Did Mancini have any cause to get involved in the Rooney incident at Wigan?


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  1. Fifthcolumnblue says:

    SO Mancini gets asked a question by a journalist and he’s supposed to say “No Comment”? Wind your neck in, he’s just being polite to a journalist.

    Then again you woudn’t know that, your manager doesn’t speak to them.

  2. Frank Scicluna says:

    What the hell are you talking about Fifthcolumnblue? All Signor Mancini had to say was “What has that got to do with Manchester City?” Instead, he wanted to play the role of victim by pleading “We are a little club and cannot compete with the big boys”. A perfect case of diplomatically covering his arse with The Sheik.

  3. RedScot says:

    least he stays out of where the “Little Cockroaches” post.;)
    I will leave it with you Boss.Its late for me,I need my beauty sleep, and to go and see to my Girl friend in a United home top.
    I would cover my Arse, if an Arab was close to me.Wouldnt you! 😀

  4. fifthcolumnblue says:

    Yep, Never once seen or heard Mancini post anything on the republic of mancunia – obviously too many cockroaches on there.

    P.S. Try nopt to be sick on the girlfriend in said rag, eh scott?

  5. RedScot says:

    @fifthcolumnblue, Why are you not out celebrating, after a great win over an under strength, Villa side filled with youngsters? Just askin?
    Try again Bitter.Did you think I was gone? Tell me, how was the “empty “ground tonight? at Wastelands.Blue moon, its still not rising?
    There is an article on ROM, Is Manchester still Red? And pictures and facts to prove it is.Enjoy yer night Bertie.With no mates. 🙂

  6. Citizen Kane says:

    Wow. Racist and homophobic in a single sentence.
    What a classy man you are, RedScot.
    Ps: A quick tip; you’ll probably find it will save you some time if you put the shirt on your ‘girlfriend’ before you start inflating ‘her’.
    Pps: A ‘weakened’ Villa or Crawley Town. Which is the tougher opposition?
    Ppps: Republic of Dublinia is a joke, beyond parody, so why bother reading what any of the hypocrites and cretins on there have to say?
    Sold many ‘Cockney Reds’ T-shirts lately?

  7. CCcracker says:

    Rooney this season is on a self-destructive course. Beer, cigarettes, ladies of easy virtue, violence on the pitch; the result is a lack of form and frustrated arrogance. Or in other words he’s full of sh*t!

  8. It's Grim Oop North says:

    Oh come on Frank,

    another article on City in a week, you are a wind up merchant despite your protests otherwise!

    And so are you RedScot, which is natural, as City and United are close neighbours and now rivals in a very real sense in all aspects for the first time in decades.

    What proportion of your articles on both sites is aimed at City and getting a response fronm the fans? Probably a little more than is healthy, but it’s something to do to pass the time in the far flung reaches of the Evil Empire eh?

    However, could you lay off the now tired old cliches, particularly the homophobic, racist nonsense, even said in jest?

    More interesting to me is the mind games Mancini is starting to engage in, he never really has before, this is new. You’re right, he could have batted the question away, but he chose to commence psychological warfare, or maybe he just forgot our press would have a field day with anything he says about another team’s player – I doubt it somehow.

    How will Fergie counter this? (More hangings and electrocution speeches perhaps?)


    In my humble opinion, and every pundit I’ve seen comment at the time on Sky and since, Rooney must have meant the elbow, and is a lucky boy to get away with it, and I’m looking forward to City players receiving preferential treatment with our elevation into the top three!

    I can proffer my opinion because I’m not City’s manager thank God, can’t wait to see the fallout over the rest of the season, game on!

  9. Frank Scicluna says:

    Hey Grim, MOI? a provocative, wind up merchant? Never entered my mind mate!



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