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Football justice has to be just for all

Manchester United Youth team captain Paul Pogba stepped up to take a penalty during the FA Youth Cup quarter final against Liverpool at Anfield. The spot kick was successfully converted but referee David Coote judged him to have feinted during his run up. The giant midfielder received a yellow card in accordance with ‘Fifa rules’ and being his second one of the game, was sent off despite furious protests. Now cast your mind back to the Jamie Carragher vicious tackle on Nani at the same ground seven days earlier.

Can someone please explain how an illegal run up take a penalty kick can equate to the same consequence as that of an assault on a player? According to those ‘Fifa rules’ both carry the punishment of a yellow card which is not only laughable but totally unjust.

Both of those decisions happened to go against United but that’s totally beside the point because the same ridiculous rules apply to every club. A few days earlier Arsenal’s Robin van Persie was yellow carded for taking a shot at goal a few seconds after the flag went up for offside in a huge Champions League cup tie in Barcelona. Being his second yellow, he was also dismissed leaving manager Arsene Wenger understandably enraged.

How do these ridiculous ‘Fifa rules’ come about, is justice not considered when they’re being framed?  The United youngsters staged a remarkable fightback to prevail 3-2 after trailing by two goals early in the second period but that has nothing to do with the argument.

The ‘gentlemen’ of Fifa need to have another look at their rules when a player who can endanger another’s whole career is handed precisely the same punishment as one who makes an attempt on goal seconds after he’s ruled offside. Justice in football must become just.

Is it time for Fifa rules to be re examined?


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  1. Scott says:

    Van persie not fabregas

  2. Diablo says:

    How did that piece of scouse scum stay on the pitch?Nani should have stayed down, and the idiotic ref consulted the linesman for a second opinion! same old scouse rats Im afraid!

  3. Frank Scicluna says:

    You’re absolutely right of course Scott, I must have got carried away. Thanks for pointing it out, the error has now been corrected.

  4. ianoha is a red says:

    in the gaa in ireland the players name can be taken for an offence…they then can get booked after that or they can get booked straight away depending on how bad the offence is… it does work well for minor offence`s but you`ll never have fifa, uefa, or the fa making a logical change like that!!!!

  5. Garry Marshall says:

    I truly believe the Reffs. association is OWN by Cesspool (Liverpool)
    and has always been so.
    that is absolutely disgusting what they done to penalty taker, they would have giving a Cesspool player a f k medal.
    efn scums just like the cesspool players.



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