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Glazers losses! Do we want them to go broke?

The immediate thought to reports that the Glazer family has lost millions from Manchester United was – Good, I hope they go broke and be forced to sell. That may admittedly be a knee jerk reaction which will have be reconsidered in time. BBC Sport has reported that “Manchester United’s parent company made a loss of £108.9m in 2009-10 according to newly released financial results. Red Football Joint Venture is the Glazer family parent company that owns the Old Trafford club. Its loss, for the year to July 2010, includes one off costs from setting up a £526m bond scheme last January to replace outstanding debts of £509m.”

Now I’m no bean counter by any stretch of the imagination, high finance chess games have never held any interest so I may be totally mistaken in my assessment. Will these losses force a sale or will the Glazers simply tighten the belt even further? If they take the latter path, available funds to reinforce the squad in summer will be even more limited than they have already been in the last few years.

There was even a recent unconfirmed report that orders have come down to reduce player salaries and introduce incentive based contracts which will do nothing to attract new signings. One of my fears is that any new spending restrictions will force Sir Alex to admit what he REALLY thinks about the Glazers, come up with some reason like health problems and walk away in disgust. It’s a scenario that nobody wants to see but it may well happen especially if Ferguson finishes this season on a high by achieving all his goals.

What is best for the club apart from the Glazers getting the hell out?


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  1. BRIAN says:

    I THINK A DEAL WITH Qatar is already done . how else are they keeping the club a float they will be gone in the summer mark my words

  2. Frank Scicluna says:

    Brian, unless it’s wishful thinking on my part I tend to agree with you. All the stories we have read in the last few months do not materialise out of nowhere.

  3. bruce thomas says:

    I hope you’re right boys, I really do.

  4. sydney says:

    i hope we go bust , get rid of these parasites and start again

  5. wiuru says:

    Its deep this , the Glazers used slack City trading rules to take control .They could never of done the same thing in America ! If an arguement over Stud rights and the infamous 99 questions had not taken place . would we be in this position . Its not all down to the Glazers .We let them in .

    I hope you are right about Qatar we need that stability .

  6. Frank Scicluna says:

    @wiuru. Yours is one of many questions that can be raised with hindsight. Would we have been better off with Rupert Murdoch rather than with the Glazers? Should Martin Edwards have turned the club into a public company? What if Michael Knighton had succeeded with his audacious bid? We will never know.

  7. wiuru says:

    Point taken Frank ,its all what ifs .We are where we are !

  8. deaz says:

    its quite simply to get the glazers out, stop feeding them your hard earned money. we can still support our club without buying the merchandise. if you want some1 out you dont carry on giving them money. cut off thier means for servesing the debt and they will be forced to sell, simply!

  9. Frank Scicluna says:

    Not as simple as it sounds deaz. Living in Australia I cannot go to Old Trafford anyway. I have not bought a replica shirt, a club magazine, program or subscribe to MUTV since the Glazer takeover so I give them absolutely nothing EXCEPT. I refuse to stop watching matches on television even though I’m indirectly contributing to their profits through their share of TV rights. So what are many of us supposed to do?



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