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Two years work comes down to 8 days for Sir Alex

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has been working and planning towards a record breaking title since equaling  Liverpools total in May 2009. He narrowly failed in his mission by a single point last season and the success or otherwise of his obsessive goal may all come down to a mere eight days two years later. That word “may” has to be emphasised because every one of the eight remaining fixtures is a potential banana skin but the title will surely be won or lost in the trip to the Emirates on May first and the visit of Chelsea to Old Trafford the following weekend.

Make no mistake, unexpected slip ups are always possible especially when Champions League and FA Cup fixtures are included into the mix but it must be remembered that rival challengers also have some tricky clashes ahead.

No matter how it’s calculated, a marathon 38 match season looks likely to come down to a mere 180 minutes in the space of a week. Avoiding defeat in both of those top of the table clashes will almost certainly achieve the target Ferguson set for the club two years ago.

Should Sir Alex succeed, there will remain one dark cloud on the horizon. Despite his many denials, completing a 25 year obsession could be the incentive Ferguson needs to finally sit back and relax with a glass of wine thinking to himself that ‘United is now sitting on that f*****g perch all by itself. Mission accomplished’ and walk away into the sunset!

Unlikely? Yes. Impossible? Time will tell

Will avoiding defeat by Arsenal and Chelsea be enough to  secure the title?


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  1. RedScot says:

    I see it as slightly different (but I would lol).There is a domino effect going on here.Arsenal have a maxium of 9 games left.Chelsea potentially 11-14 games.United potentially 11-15 games.It depends on priorities and how Sir Alex is going to prioritize the games a win against Wet Spam on Saturday morning.
    4 days later Chelsea at the Bridge ? big question mark.3 days later Fulham at Old Trafford,Mark Hughes will do us a favour! lol.3 days later Chelsea to be knocked out of the Champions league at Old Trafford,there is the dillema.As that as we know results in a minium of another 2 games for United.Chelsea can now concentrate totally on the league, with just 6 games left for them to complete.If United 4 days later, have maintained Citys wait for a trophy, we will have 9 games left.Arsenal at this point in time on the 16th of April will have 7 games remaining.Onto the 8 days in question to knock them off their perch.3/4 days prior to the crucial Arsenal game on the 1st of May we could be playing in a Champions league semi final 1st leg? 4/5 days later we would play Chelsea in the critical game at Old Trafford, hopefully just against 11 players.
    There after its straight forward! lol.Either Blackburn away or a FA cup final against Stoke or Bolton.Name on the trophy.3 Days later Blackburn in the league in the penultimate game in the 19th challenge.5 days later a visit to Old Trafford bye Blackpool, 3 points certainly.6 days later of to London for a Champions league final.3 cups in the bag.Sorted easy really.
    Joking aside its going to come down to how the boss uses the squad and the rotation he employs using his 37 years of managerial experience.
    I know I will be shouting as loud as I can every game to give the lads my support. Cmon United.
    Ps I have missed out various games, like Newcastle,Everton as I personally do not see them as pivotal.Nor do I see City as a threat other than in the Semi on the 16th of April.

  2. RedScot says:

    A fabulous read on the Manchester Evening news site as to why, ‘Jose is a no go’ Mourhino.In replacing our wonderful manager!I wonder does Paul Hince that Bitter, read my posts?Its exactly what I said.Regards Jose, and wHy he will never ever be Uniteds manager.
    Sorry boss, totally of topic!
    Of to ma bed.



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