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Lay off Rooney for his memorable TV quote

DATELINE – Munich, March 30, 2009. A sensational season virtually came to an end for Wayne Rooney as he went down in a heap with an ankle injury seconds from the final whistle at Bayern Munich thus beginning a year made in hell for the golden boy of English football. A disastrous World Cup was soon followed by lurid tabloid headlines, a ‘dream’ marriage clearly on the rocks, lengthy court cases against him and his personal manager, a stunning transfer request which rocked the game and his personal life in total turmoil. The current season went on and on with no apparent relief – until the weekends game at West Ham.

Rooney’s first hat trick in fourteen months brought United back from the dead and must have lifted what would have seemed to be the whole weight of the world off his shoulders. So here’s a word of advice to the suits in authority – don’t even think of dreaming up some sort of charge against a young man who let out a year of  frustration by telling the television cameras, inches away from his face and to nobody in particular “WHAT?!  F*****G  WHAT?!  WHAT?!”

One report suggests the FA confirmed they would examine footage of the incident but was unclear as to what action they would take “We will look at it” a spokesman told PA Sport “we obviously don’t condone foul and abusive language.”

Rooney admitted that his impulsive rant was out of order saying that “I want to apologise for any offence that may have been caused by my goal celebration, especially to any parents or children that were watching. Emotions were running high and on reflection my heat of the moment reaction was inappropriate, it was not aimed at anyone in particular.”

To anyone who may be tempted to try and crucify Rooney for his indiscretion please ask yourself,  have you ever experienced a fraction of the pressure he’s been under at the age of 25? Perhaps more pertinently, can you even remember that far back?

Should the authorities punish Rooney his outburst?


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  1. RedScot says:

    Its not helping he is repeatedly raging like this.I can understand adrenalin and the pleasure he must have had in scoring the goal.Then celebrating in front of our fans.But this needs to be controlled.
    I think because it is United we will be punished.
    Although one Didier Drogba did a very similar rant in fron of the camera.I dont believe any action was served up to Drogba or Chelsea.
    We know however from recent events the rule book is written for the majority.
    I believe as always once the “media” smell a chance to derail United, mainly London based media, they will jump at the chance to make it happen.
    Suspect nothing less than a 3 match ban.
    After all that can you believe I am trying “elsewhere” to defend Rooneys integrity, I dont particularly like what he said, but I wont have him loosely slagged of outside the United camp.Bye “non United supporters.

  2. Ben Dover says:

    If FA is going to suspend every player that uses foul language, there would be no player left in the whole f**king country…

  3. RedScot says:

    Such a shame a great United fight back and it truely was vintage United to scrap and not give in.The battle was never over although I was upset with the managers starting choice, in leaving out our two top goal scorers.We paid for that bye not being able to press the Wet Spam defence.
    Anyways it was recitified on the return for the second half.
    My displeasure is the whole internet is going ballistic about Rooney.
    We have Arsenal blogs, Chelsea and even Man city aiming bullets at United.
    Over a few words, not chosen correctly.Its difficult to fight this now.We are gonna get ripped up tommorow for toliet paper.
    As I thought this will gain momentum.He needs to learn and learn fast, when to hold yer tongue.

  4. Frank Scicluna says:

    Just my opinion Red Scot. United has been hammered mercilessly this season. Nothing will happen in the Rooney case because the suits know that enough is enough

  5. Christopher says:

    I cannot recall that the FA raised the issue. The media raised the issue for the FA to take action. This is the media charge not an FA charge.

  6. Manu92 says:

    so rooney is banned…

    ill set an example by doing this…very intelligent of them…and they think that all this will stop in da future…DON’T THEY REALIZE THAT WHAT ROONEY DID, HAPPENED IN THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT AND IT WAS NOT INTENTIONAL AND WAS NO DIRECTED TO ANYONE IN PARTICULAR…and the press association clearly said that if a player apologizes after behaving in a inappropriate manner on da pitch…the fa can let him go with a warning….FINE…BAN HIM FOR 2 GAMES…IF THAT’S GOING TO CHANGE THE FUTURE!!!:p….BUT YEA…that’s gonna affect our chances…city will be even tougher now..and please…the league is not decided…
    but guess what…y is FA so concerned about the welfare?…so many times we see the players abusing each other on da pitch, sometimes even the ref’s…and they go unpunished…behaving in an unsporting manner on da pitch…y don’t they set up an inquiry on all those players who are ACTUALLY setting a wrong example…but naa…they won;t…the critics hate rooney…so his actions were at once spotted…btw…so many footballers are there who’s personal life are all over the media…and some are so gross…some are so bloody uninspiring…Y DON’T THE FA DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT…THAT’S SETTING A WRONG EXAMPLE TO MILLIONS OF YOUNGSTERS OUT THERE….BUT NO…THEY WON;T…NOW THEY ARE ACTING LIKE ANGLES…IF THEY ARE CHARGING HIM FOR SUCH A MINOR EVENT…THEN THEY SHOULD CHARGE EVEN THOSE ABOUT WHOM I HAVE MENTIONED!!!!!…SCREW THEM!!!…A SUPERB PERFORMANCE BY A GREAT PLAYER CLEARLY OVERSHADOWED BY ALL THIS NONSENSE!

  7. Axeli says:

    FA should ban Rooney & Lampard from the international games too..



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