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United must beat City for Edwin – amongst others

The man has won everything there is to win at club level in a long career that will come to an end next month EXCEPT an FA Cup winners medal. 40 year old Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar now has one last chance to complete his collection but there are still two more tough challengers to overcome before he can sit back and say ‘mission accomplished’. Typical of the Dutchmans complete professionalism, he is not allowing that goal to distract him from the task of defeating Manchester City in the Wembley semi final.

“An FA Cup medal is missing from my collection but I am not going into the game more focused or tense because of that” he said “at the end of tomorrow’s game there is no medal or honour, it is just a semi final. Obviously, it would be a great achievement to reach the final and give ourselves a chance of winning the tournament but at the moment I am not that bothered.”

van der Sar does not underestimate the passion of a derby however explaining that “The derby has always been good but it is a little bit more emphasised now because of the money that City have been spending in the last few years and the quality players they are bringing in” he said “maybe for them, the game is not played with the heart quite so much and more with their quality players. We have plenty of them as well though and hopefully they can make a difference for our team as they have done in the last couple of games.”

“We are a good team and we challenge for honours virtually every year” he emphasised “That is why we have quality players who will push us towards ending the season with a trophy or a big prize. It is almost normal that you come to days like this. Then it is the case of finding your form to make it count.”

Quite apart from the bragging rights that comes with defeating a near neighbour, United also have the little matter of a possible treble to spur them on. On top of all that, van der Sar’s team mates will want to ensure that their veteran keeper will still be in with the chance of finally obtaining that elusive FA Cup winners medal.

How do you rate VDS compared to Peter Schmeichel?


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  1. Dakota says:

    So this is one of Edwards last games and it is his goal to himself and his team to win..and get this award. I’m for United..let’s go!!

  2. Frank Scicluna says:

    Understand your kind sentiments Dakota. EDWARD? Never heard of VDS referred to by that name but I know what you mean. Cheers



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