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United inch closer and closer to a record title

So the frustrating point gained at Newcastle proved to be a valuable one after all as title chasers Arsenal dropped another two at Tottenham tonight. Football is a game of inches and as Sir Alex Ferguson knows so well, each one gets you that much closer to the finishing line. United are now back to where they started prior to the visit to St James’ Park with the added advantage of being one game closer to the record Championship which everyone at Old Trafford craves so much.

Sure, Chelsea have replaced the Gunners in second place but a six point advantage over both with just five matches remaining is a position that every United fan would have killed for back in August. While everyone has bemoaned the number of drawn matches which could have been won during the season, a share of the points with Chelsea and Arsenal in two of the remaining fixtures will do just fine as long a Everton, Blackburn and Blackpool are beaten along the way.

At the end of the day it’s not the number of wins and draws that count, it’s all about collecting more points than your rivals over a 38 match season and so far, United have been doing that very nicely. Bring on number 19.

Are you still disappointed with the two points dropped at Newcastle?


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  1. neverumind says:

    Don’t forget you still have to come to arsenal and still have to play chelsea and even play the teams fighting relegation, so don’t start getting cockey, never over till the fat lady sings mate!!!!

  2. john says:

    im not that woried about the lest two games im more worried about our next game.
    i think thats the game that will proove tobe the game that will probably win us the league. everton always give us a game i think if we can beat evrton then i think the league is defentaly ours because i think will be too strong for arsenal, and blackburn and blackpool but the chealsea game is going tobe difficult. i think if we beat everton and draw 1 of the 2 big teams arsenal and chealsea thenw ill win easily.

  3. Frank Scicluna says:

    Cannot agree more neverumind. The race is far from over with some tricky matches still on the horizon. My point is that a six point advantage with five games remaining is a hell of a good position to be in.

  4. Manu92 says:

    First of all…we have to beat everton at home…at any cost…we have to get all 3 points…not 1 but all 3…arsenal have an easy game against bolton… considering there away form they should win it(hope they don’t)…and chelsea have a tough one against the hammers away…we have a tricky one…our record at OT is one of the best i have ever see….if we win this one we can approach the game against arsenal with a 6 point margin and even a draw over there will work…but then…we have chelsea the next week…so we should look forward top win that one…but emirates will be our toughest task…our toughest away game…and if we win that one…then we are winning the league… if should look forward to win every game now…GO RED DEVILS!

  5. Frank Scicluna says:

    Cannot argue with that mate. Let’s put the other four games – and Europe, out of our head because the one that counts most is Everton at Old Trafford.



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