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Will he…and her, be welcome at United?

Despite all the cynical suspicions, the reports persist! Is it be possible that Holland’s Wesley Sneijder can be prised from Inter Milan by Sir Alex Ferguson for the asking price of £25million? The midfielder who is seen as the perfect replacement for the soon to be retired Manchester United legend Paul Scholes may yet end up at Old Trafford in summer if consistent reports in the Italian media are to be believed but be warned.

Don’t get too excited because similar reports have been appearing ever since the 26 year old moved from Ajax to Real Madrid in 2007. The question has to be asked why Ferguson has not made a decisive move for the World Cup Finalist earlier. Be it as it may, it’s now looking more and more likely that Ferguson may finally get his man.

*The graphic is reprinted from the MailonLine

Can Sneijder prove to be an inspired signing by Ferguson?


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  1. RedScot says:

    He would be wonderful at Manchester United all the lovely stats reproduced courtesy of the Fail.
    I realise there are numerous problems at Inter Milan under the tutelage of Leanardo and their dramatic fall in success after Benitez and Mourhino.
    He signed a five year contract only last summer to take him to June 2015 at Milan.If Manchester “were” interested in the Dutch maestro, why did they not strike when he was availiable from Real Madrid at less than a third of the ‘reported’asking fee now?.
    Transfer speculation is just that, good fun and allows us all to become the manager of the club in our minds eye.
    Its a buisness wether we like it or not, and under the Glazer a strictly controlled one.
    To me its not the current signing policy, of youth with a likely sell on value at a latter stage of the players football career.
    Cmon United.Shortly at Old Trafford, lets win this 19th trophy.

  2. Matthaus10 says:

    Who made up the price??? £25 mill???? He’s got 4 years left on his contract, he makes £210.000 a week at Inter… If Arsenal are turning down £40 mill for Fabregas, ManU paid 30 mill for Berbatov…
    And “Get Sneijder out of his Inter missery” I saw someone wrote.. He’s never said a bad Word about Inter (exept Benitez) he signed another 4 years… Would you do that if you hatedlife there????
    Will he join ManU… Maybe, money talks, but 25 isn’t Even a whisper… Moratti won’t Even answer the phone for under 40 mill….

  3. RedScot says:

    @Matttuas10, why are you commenting, any fan on a United site , simply does not refer to Manchester United as ManU.
    Remember its all a laugh.:D

  4. RedScot says:

    Not that i give you facts and detail when i post. mostly tongue in cheek, to keep a forum moving innit! Pmsl

  5. RedScot says:

    For the Boss on Here, not Jinky Johnstone, just a clever wee dribbler lmao, Ma older sellick mates tell me boss, about the Ginger Maestro. A euro cup winning team, within 20 miles of Glesga.
    Enjoy yer night as I will do mine.
    Its a brilliant night to be a Red.
    I will drink a drink for all the Reds I know and loyal and true



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