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Red Dead Podcast 1 – El Gran Clasico, Arsenal and Gibson's "Trauma"

Welcome to the first episode of the “Red Dead Podcast”, the weekly Manchester United podcast for TrulyReds, brought to you by Tom “Darren Fletcher” Addison and Liam “Wrestlemania” Brown.

Being our first podcast, comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated. You can contact us on You can also follow us and Truly Reds on Twitter; @TrulyReds @TomRDPodcast and @LiamRDPodcast

Join us again next Wednesday following the Schalke game, where we’ll (hopefully!) be discussing United’s prospects in the Champions League final and other football related issues from the week!


3 Responses to “Red Dead Podcast 1 – El Gran Clasico, Arsenal and Gibson's "Trauma"”

  1. Thomas Addison says:

    And before any recommends that we should add some music, we are planning on it. Just don’t want to get sued.

  2. Frank Scicluna says:

    Well done guys – GREAT. Please keep them coming

  3. Tom Addison says:

    Praise from Caesar himself, cheers mate!

    Yeah just getting some feedback on Twitter, been told there’s a bit of an echo so going to try and sort that out, obviously need some music in there, probably have a few pints before the next one so not as nervous as well!



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