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Media Watch May 5: Final may be 1968 revisited

May 5, 2011 – There are more Manchester United stories in the media than any other club – some are worth reading, others are absolute garbage! How can anyone possibly keep up with them all? Truly Reds does it’s best to bring you the latest news but there’s only so much that can be covered. One alternative is to collate the stories which cannot be updated daily so that they can at least be brought to your attention each Thursday of every week

Only one thing worth talking about this week – another Wembley European Cup Final

A mouth watering European Champions League Final to bring back memories of  1968Mail Online

Sir Alex had a sleepless night but still convinced that “This team can win the cup” – The Telegraph

Barcelona will be conquered in ’11 just as Benfica was in ’68 – The Telegraph

van der Sar hails a perfect semi final win over Schalke –  Manchester Evening News

How Manchester United rated in the big game against Schalke – Daily Mail

Ferguson and Mourinho will team up to beat BarcelonaDaily Express

Valencia looks forward to final after missing most of the season –

Dareen Fletcher will be the Final key according to Ferguson – Sky News

Does anyone regard Barcelona to be unbeatable?


No Responses to “Media Watch May 5: Final may be 1968 revisited”

  1. Baldrick says:

    So long as we get a fair and impartial referee we should be OK

  2. Frank Scicluna says:

    Fair and impartial Baldrick? Love to get one against Chelsea on Sunday!

  3. murty says:

    I’m convinced that if we play our football on Sunday we’ll beat Chelsea. We need to be positive and look to attack – the league is ours to be won and we’re at home. You train and play all season long to be able to play in key games like this and I think the players will be really up for it.
    Chelsea have been exposed on numerous occasions and we have the players to do it again.



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