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United to win record 19 – City welcome to a tin pot

There are no guarantees because there’s no such thing in football BUT by the end of Saturday, the city of Manchester may be celebrating a momentous double. United will win a historic nineteenth Premier League title at lunchtime with a point at Blackburn while City will be at Wembley trying to win its first piece of silverware since 1976 by defeating Stoke City a couple of hours later. Will either of them succeed in completing their mission? The odds must be heavily in their favor which will annoy City fans no end as their beloved Blues will again be overshadowed by their neighbors.

The two City’s will have the chance to rewrite their history at Wembley. Either Citeh will end 35 years without a trophy or Stoke will win the FA Cup for the first time. Either way, United will continue to dominate football in Manchester with not only another title within their grasp but a third European Champion League final in four years on the horizon.

City has been happy to spend hundreds of millions of pounds in the last few years – not to win the Premier League, but merely to finish in the top three or four positions and to win a little tin pot at Wembley – good luck to them.

Congratulations will go to City IF they can finally lift a trophy because their success starved fans deserve something, anything, after so many years of  failure. United meanwhile continue to develop their own talent in order to bring the REAL meaningful trophies to Old Trafford.

Would you ever prefer winning an FA Cup instead of a Premier League?


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  1. Dan says:

    Shouldn’t belittle the FA cup which united have the record number of wins. Let’s concentrate on winning the league and good luck to Stoke!

  2. Frank Scicluna says:

    Just facing reality Dan. The FA Cup is no longer what it was in my younger days. It’s now not much more than a glorified Carling Cup. Remember Fergusons FA Cup semi final line up against Everton at Wembley a couple of years ago? There are much larger fish to fry for the BIG clubs these days! So sad but so true!

  3. murty says:

    I wouldn’t belittle the FA Cup as it was like manna from heaven for us in 1985 and especially in 1990 but I do agree that it’s attraction for the big sides has not been as strong in the last 8-10 years. Put simply if the only trophy won by either United, Arsenal and Chelsea is the FA Cup it doesn’t make a successful season. These 3 are judged by the league and increasingly if not moreso the Champions league. The same goes for the Cup in most countries like Spain. Madrid won it this year for the first time in 20 odd years but it does nothing to make up for the pain of losing a league and the CL semis against Barça. C’mon Stoke!



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