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United FA Cup defeat by City was destined

Football often throws up some delicious ironies. They often happen when least expected with not just one coincidence, not even two or three but as in the current season, a hard to believe FOUR times – and that’s only if I happened to overlook any other instances. Just imagine what the betting odds would have been back in August for the following combination of winners to happen simultaneously. Perhaps every one of them was simply written in the stars.

Age old club rivalries are part and parcel of the game, almost one of its lifebloods, so when the following results occur in Scotland as well as the three major competitions in Europe, it becomes difficult not to think of the word ‘destiny’.

SCOTLAND – The fanatical rivalry between the two Glasgow giants is well known so it’s no surprise that Rangers won the League while Celtic lifted the Cup. The only question was whether one or the other could have won both but as it turned out, they each took something out of their season – Rangers the League, Celtic the Cup.

SPAIN – Nothing is bigger in world football than when Barcelona clash with Real Madrid. Despite the millions Real splashed out on their new Galacticos, Barca again won La Liga with some comfort and brushed aside their rivals in the Champions League but guess what? They were defeated in the Spanish Cup Final by Jose Mourinho’s Real – Barcelona the League, Real the Cup.

ITALY – Inter Milan won everything there was to win last season but when Mourinho went to Madrid, everything started to fall apart. Fierce City rivals AC Milan meanwhile got their act together to win their first scudetto since 2003. All is not lost for Inter however as they are overwhelming  favourites to defeat Palermo in the Italian Cup Final next weekend. The odds are therefore AC Milan the League, Inter Milan the Cup.

ENGLAND – A historic record 19th title for Manchester United left their cross city rivals with the challenge of winning some sort of trophy for the first time in over three decades in order to justify their huge spending. Manchester City managed to do just that by defeating United in an FA Cup semi before brushing aside Stoke City in the final. One last irony is the fact that City’s last FA Cup winning goal scorer Neil Young passed away earlier this year. Was it fate? United the League, City the Cup.

Destiny or a huge coincidence! We may never know. Just a final thought. The only highly predictable outcome which proved to be absolutely correct was that bitter Merseyside rivals Liverpool and Everton will both end up empty handed again – and that’s precisely what they did.

Was Uniteds FA Cup defeat by City always destined to happen?


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  1. RedScot says:

    I think someone has been playing forecast and looking back, with hindsight.Its a wonderfull thing ‘hindsight’.The first 3 leagues you comment on are clearly for all intent and purpose duopolys,with the briefest of hiccups in the pattern.In the case of the English premiership the same clearly cannot be said, although in my opinion it does move in cycles.I probably dont feel the same disgust for Manchester City as many United supporters apparently do,I try to clear the bitterness of them achieving their first cup in close on 35 years, with the realisation it had to happen sooner or later, if you believe in probability and cash investment to win.Short term goals in truth,with limited long term planning,to maintain this winning ethic,without the huge injections twice annually of cash.
    However having watched the City v Stoke game to feel what both sets of supporters must have felt on the brink of ‘success’ if that is measured purely in silverware.I was taken aback bye seeing the gentleman’s wife,Mr Young who was remembered on this forum on his death,and her heart felt pouring out of relief on witnessing City win.It came across on the television screen clearly and with zero hate or nasty intent.Pure delight.
    I can be accused then of being weak, actually enjoying witnessing other fans success wether that be City,Arsenal,Chelsea,Real Madrid 04Schalke last evening in Germany in the cup, why not?Its a game its sport its to be shared and enjoyed.We all have our little pops, digs and veiled attempts at windups, or is it only more relevant when its a ‘foe’ that you actually fear that it becomes more intense and the serious attacks occur?
    Ps “Money makes the world go around” I think that’s Mary Poppins singing or summit, or is it?

  2. Frank Scicluna says:

    Completely agree with the latter part of your sentiments RedScot. It was wonderful to see Neil and Mrs Young remembered at the FA Cup Final. As for the honours in Italy and Spain, a look at the stats may surprise you. While the clubs mentioned have won plenty of them, it’s not often that they do it in the same season. The last time it happened in Spain was in 1993 when Barca won the League and Real the Cup. It’s a similar story between the two Milans in Italy and it has never happened before in Manchester of course! Scotland? Now THAT is a different story again!

  3. RedScot says:

    Ha ha, I will review the status in Spain now…trust that ! lol.
    You do know i was trying to bring balance to the ‘vile’ language used across the internet in my side swipes at you know who.I can turn it on to Boss, but I think there are better ways of getting the points across.
    Anyhow, I diversify, I read the next thread and noted the book, it will be added to my holiday reading….In France, away for three /four months.A chillax.
    Well working also hopefully.
    Enjoy the match later lads/lasses that may read this or not.And enjoy the celebrations that will erupt at the end of the match.History before our eyes.Probably never to be repeated for any other club than liverpool or United to mass so many league titles.
    Bonjour. lol



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