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No one can dare be critical of United 2011

Irrespective of whether Manchester United win, lose or draw at Wembley in a few hours time, I’m going to throw something at my television or computer if I hear another word about this being the worst Ferguson side to win a Premier League title. ITS JUST A MYTH – facts and figures prove it! Yes I know that statistics can prove whatever you want them to but PLEASE, how about using a little bit of common sense.  The 1998-99 Treble winning team has gone down in history as immortals and rightly so, yet a quick look at reality will give a different picture.

The old saying suggests ‘Never mind the quality, feel the width’  but in the case of  Ferguson’s 2010-11 United, it’s a case of ‘Feel the depth’. The composure of van der Sar, experience and leadership of Ferdinand, grit of  Vidic, guile of Giggs and Scholes in midfield, creativity of Carrick, lung busting energy of Park, thrust of Hernandez, football brains of Berbatov, determination of Rooney, direct wing play of Valencia, inventive nature of Nani, youthful exuberance of the Silva twins and whoever else I may have forgotten.

And some fans still have the nerve to say that this is “the worst Ferguson side to win a Premier League” Give me a break! Yes, IF United manage to lift the Champions League Trophy for a fourth time at Wembley it will most definitely be a bonus because the primary objective this season was undoubtedly title number 19.

So for the sake of comparing this side to the legends of 1999 please consider this FACT

1999 – Won 22…Drew 13…Lost 3…Goals For 80…Against 37…POINTS 79

2011  – Won 23…Drew 11…Lost 4…Goals For 78…Against 37…POINTS 80

REALLY, what more can anyone ask for?


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  1. evans says:

    i agree with you 100%, people saying this ain’t truly Red army supports, i like to call them fans. fans comes in when a team is winning but a supporter sticks with the team for better or worse and wishes is team best of luck and i wish Manutd a win against Barca….

  2. RedScot says:

    “Its the worst United side ever”……duck….watch out for the flying missiles.
    Seriously i think this team is a squad, its not got ‘star’ quality! Wannabes like, look at me players!.Its a unit that plays for each other for the club, when ever they are called upon to do their job as seen bye the amount of players he has selected throughout the season.For our manager and staff, who have built this over almost 26 years at United.It did not happen by luck, it was planned, from the very early days of the Icon Sir Matt Busby, to get to this stage.
    That Believe, was penned bye me on Red Rants, ask Opti Madchester, he will recall me as the ‘young’ Scots lad with a wicked sense of humour and always on the windup and tease for fun. lol
    I digress as normal.
    United have just got to do this for the past, the present and the future.The lads will not let us down.Just play the United way, entertain us, leave nothing in the dressing room.Its bound to happen…..I just know, they will not let this chance slip bye this time, they cant.
    Something a mere detail that slips bye most, not me, Lionel Messi has never scored on British soil, lets maintain this tonight, the game is almost won.
    Their forwards are relatively small,play either Fabio or Rafael/Evra to counteract Alves or Abidal, neither can particularly cross the ball well, its a game of chess, pin them back.Just pray like crazy they dont score early, or its gonna be a tricky game there after.
    My wildest dream is for Rooney to put the ghosts to the past and play a blinder and play in Hernandez through the channels for him to run onto, past Pique and win the match.Well you are allowed to play out the game in your mind.
    Believe….Just f…..g do.
    Cmon United, wish the lads the very best.

  3. m beany says:

    United truly were the worst team to ever Win the premier league. Last night proved it. What a midfield

  4. Frank Scicluna says:

    Do you REALLY know what you’re talking about m beany? The comment was just about to be trashed until it was thought that your total football ignorance should remain for all to see.

  5. m beany says:

    I could level that exact same question at you Frank. The lack of comments suggests a lot of people were turned off by your ridiculous headline. Cos A lot of people would dare, united fans included. Of course a lot of people think you’re the worst team to ever win the premier league. Its very arrogant to suggest otherwise and to suggest trashing my comment is laughable considering some of the base level content you allow on here. I thought you were an advocate of freedom of speech Frank? Or are you just as hypocritical as the man whose arse you seem to be lodged up.

  6. Frank Scicluna says:

    @m beany – Just to set the record straight mate, when someone lives many thousands of miles away, it’s bloody hard to be lodged up anybody’s arse in England! Your comment was on the verge of being trashed because it was totally banal “United truly were the worst team to ever Win the premier league. Last night proved it. What a midfield”

    Have another look at the final stats from the legendary Treble winning team campaign, then the ones from the most competitive Premier League this season and you will see how absolutely stupid your comment was

    1999 – Won 22…Drew 13…Lost 3…Goals For 80…Against 37…POINTS 79
    2011 – Won 23…Drew 11…Lost 4…Goals For 78…Against 37…POINTS 80

    Suffering a bad defeat against the best club side in the world only shows just how brilliant Barcelona is today. Finally, yes mate, I am all for freedom of speech which is precisely why your juvenile, ill informed comments have been published.

  7. m beany says:

    ‘Just to set the record straight mate, when someone lives many thousands of miles away, it’s bloody hard to be lodged up anybody’s arse in England!’ If you don’t mind me saying Frank – thats a pretty stupid comment considering i don’t know where anybody on the internet lives. Nor am I bothered. Its all hypothetical and from your comments – up that man’s arse is where you evidently spend most of your time.

    So they won one more game and lost one more game this year than in 99. Hardly a convincing comparison Frank. And on a closer look in 1998-99 they were pressured to the end, the top six was more competitive and in fact everything above the relegation places was more competitive. You seem to ignore context in a lot of your work.

    The reality is that in that year they were able to hold their nerve in the title run, they didn’t flop in the FA Cup and they didn’t embarass our league in the Champions League final.

    The whole league is partly responsible for what happened in the Champions League Final on Saturday night but your bum buddy Ferguson should shoulder some of the blame for pitting a central midfield of Giggs and Carrick against Xavi and Iniesta – hardly surprising that you touched the ball little more than your precious 19.

    Or do you think that was a good decision Frank?

  8. Frank Scicluna says:

    This is starting to go round in circles m beany AND becoming boring! Please get it into your head once and for all that as much as I absolutely admire what Sir Alex has done for United, your comment of my being “up that man’s arse is where you evidently spend most of your time” is totally juvenile.

    While you insist on simply giving a biased opinion, I am presenting FACTS. For you to say that “You’re the worst team to ever win the premier league” is simply DUMB. Remember Blackburn Rovers just as one example?

    Just ask yourself, IF this was the worst team to ever win the Premier League, what does it say about the other clubs who finished NINE and more points behind United? Yet this has been widely regarded as the most competitive Premier League since its creation.

    Finally, NO, I don’t believe that Ferguson made the correct team selections for Barcelona but then again, neither he nor his disciples have ever been arrogant enough to suggest that Sir Alex is infallible. Perhaps a religious saying is appropriate here ‘God works in mysterious ways”

    And YES, as LFC fans must grudgingly lament, our 19 are extremely precious.

  9. m beany says:

    He who dares wins rodney, he who dares wins!

  10. Richard says:

    I believe that the tonking received at Wembley was the best thing that could have happened to this club. Fergie realised that while his squad (albeit a damn good one) was good enough to CANTER to the league (with points to spare) it was still some way short of matching the mighty Barca. I’m excited about the signings so far and can’t wait to see what else he has up his sleeve. Roll on Aufgust!!!!



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