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Giggs is a mere footballer NOT a moral crusader

Pardon me for venting but I must get something off my chest! As far as I’m concerned, I am a football fan NOT a moral crusader. Do I really care what a perfect family man Paul Scholes has been all his life? NO, because my huge admiration for him has completely revolved around his football exploits. Wayne Rooney is another example. Despite all his lurid off field headlines, that spectacular overhead match winning strike against Manchester City and the title clinching penalty at Blackburn were possibly the most exhilarating moments of the whole season.

Which brings me to the most decorated footballer in the history of English football. Have a look at this photo then try telling me why anyone should judge Ryan Giggs on anything BUT what he has achieved in his 20 plus years at Old Trafford. Tell me one single footballer – at any other club, who would not have given his right arm to be as successful.

Who can forget that majestic moment when he set up United for an unforgettable treble in the 1999 FA Cup semi final replay defeat of Arsenal? Did anyone care what Giggs was doing off the field at the time? Not in the slightest, that is absolutely guaranteed!

I can respect the fact that others may disagree but as far as I’m concerned, Ryan Giggs has first and foremost been a football genius NOT a role model for the worlds morality. Whatever else happens in his life is absolutely no concern of mine – nor should it be for anyone else except his family. Giggsy? You’re a rolled gold football legend!

How will you remember Giggs in years to come?


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  1. kiprich says:

    I think Man U should do well to acquire Nasri he will do well in the Man U team. Wenger is doing all he could that he won’t be in Man U. I think Sir Alex should do well to get Nasri into Old Traford.

  2. murty says:

    Fair point Frank – but if our footballing heroes are clean-living and whiter than white then it’s a bonus isn’t it? Since the Giggsy saga became public you can’t help but feel that his reputation has been tarnished. I can help feeling a bit let down by Giggs even though he has no responsibility to me. Whatever you say you can’t deny that you would prefer that none of this had happened.



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