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Red Dead Podcast 10 – Tread Softly, Because You Tread Upon My Dreams

Welcome to the tenth episode of the Red Dead Podcast, the infallible Manchester United podcast for Truly Reds, brought to you as always by Tom “Darren Fletcher” Addison and Liam “Wrestlemania” Brown.

This week we wallow in self-pity (how scouse!) as we discuss United crashing out of the group stage of the Champions League for the first time in six years, as well as bitching about United fans in general, scousers and giving our view on the two big games of the coming weekend; United vs Wolves and Real Madrid vs Barcelona

Parental advisory disclaimer applies, given our general pi**** off nature due to tonights events there is the odd c*** and b******* here and there, but to be honest that isn’t any different from normal

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Join us again on Sunday, where we hope to be getting a semi from discussing a home win for United against Wolves and a rivetting and memorable Gran Clasico.


One Response to “Red Dead Podcast 10 – Tread Softly, Because You Tread Upon My Dreams”

  1. Big Boss says:

    I don’t care about Europa LEague too guys.. I hope we consider it as the Carling Cup and give potential youngster the chance…

    You were right about the money we lost by being kicked from the Champions league… so i wonder If we can sign a player now!

    Cheers lads



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