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Have United already secured Patricio Rodríguez service?

According to some reports in England and Europe, Patricio Rodriguez has attracted much interest from clubs including Manchester United, Villareal and AC Milan. Currently, the Argentinean attacking midfielder is playing with Independiente. Rodriquez can also play as winger.

Once I heard about this rumor, I made a quick search and by mistake I went to the Spanish page of the player at Wikipedia and I noticed our club name: Manchester United as his current club! I scroll down further and it shows that the transfer is due in 2012 which means next summer. (Check the pictures below)


Whether the transfer is true or not (As both sides are yet to confirm the deal), I think Rodriguez or “Patito” as his friends are calling him is the new coming talent (At least from his youtube videos!) not Mateo Kovacic as the Bleacher Report thought!

It seems the lad got a unique talent and style which surely will improve with Manchester United at Carrington training center!


29 Responses to “Have United already secured Patricio Rodríguez service?”

  1. Martin says:

    From the video i’ve just saw i can say he is a good playmaker..BUT, Do Argentineans last with United?!

  2. Minhaj says:

    For your info wikipedia can be edited by anyone. So its the last online site for reliable information. But i like him, and yes he has unique style of play. Would love to see him at united.

  3. Big Boss says:

    Thanks Minhaj…I knew that…but his talent forced me to post this 🙂

  4. Minhaj says:

    I kind of guessed that if i am honest! 🙂
    Me too would love to see him at united

  5. Minhaj says:

    I think he will be our very own Messi if not better 🙂

  6. ole says:

    Look nice in red 🙂

  7. mark flynn says:

    Why do we buy the argies when we have no luck with anyone we ever signed.

  8. OLOMOBA says:


  9. Dave shack says:

    Looks like the type of player were missing, someone who can unlock defences . Looks like another ronaldo with his style of play

  10. LS7 says:

    His name is Suarez and he wears the famous red
    I just can’t get enough, I just can’t get enough
    When he scores a volley or gets one with his head
    I just can’t get enough, I just can’t get enough
    He scores a goal and The Kop go wild….. and i just can’t seem to get enough …..SUAREZ

  11. LS7 says:

    What a pathetic character u are patrice, you should be ashamed of yourself. Same goes to you ‘sir’

  12. Mick O Dowd says:

    a few months back there was talks about this kid aswell, i was instantly impressed with what little i saw,

    what i will say it last year in january wikapedia had charlie adam signed for liverpool even though he didnt move till the summer, still hopefully…

    maybe another ronaldo here that nobody ever herd of till now

  13. Redfield says:

    brilliant skills..but now that u’ve posted this, Real or Barca r gonna watch the vid & offer a fortune to sign him…lol

  14. Big Boss says:

    Lool…who knows mate! But arent they busy with The new pele from Santos 😀

  15. stevo says:

    since Oct 1st we are about to spend 865 million and people thought the Glazers were greedy money grabbing bastards.

  16. jpp says:

    Im from argentina and i would never take rodriguez over kovacic, never, i seriously doubt he would adjust well to england and i really dont think hes good enough for Man Utd.

  17. tony says:

    That guy won the Sudamericana cup (is like the EUROPA LEAGUE) alone, he plays in a team that has dogs instead of players.

  18. Charly says:

    You loose him… Here up, you say: Why do we buy the argies when we have no luck with anyone we ever signed. I said you: From my team Independiente, you bought Diego Forlàn (he was born in Uruguay, but with 15 years he came to Independiente), do you remember Forlàn???!!!
    And from Atlètico Madrid, the Citizen bought KUN AGUERO!!!! He did all the categories in Independiente!!! Jajaja!!! I don’t understand you!!!
    Excuse me by my bad english, but…like I put at begening…: “You loose him”…

  19. Lucas says:

    tony, u are complety wrong!
    Independiente won the Sudamerica Cup with a very good team!
    Rodriguez is not like Aguero, he is not so importante like u think!
    Independiente it´s a very important team in America. 7 Libertadores (like champions league) and 16 international cups in total.

  20. Nico79 says:

    Patricio Rodriguez is a superb player and nothing like the other 2 argentinians who played for United. Independiente (also called the Red Devils, as United) is a player and character developing club, it is not Boca Juniors, so you will not see attitudes like Tevez’ in Patricio. He would definitely do great in the Premier League.

  21. Javier says:

    I’m from Argentina and I think he’s an outstanding player, believe me!

  22. fabricio says:

    rodrigues is the new very speed and his hability is great..I love this player

  23. Leon says:

    Patito Rodríguez is a crack

  24. Im from Argentina. Patricio Rodriguez is the future promess for Argentina, he is very good, the rivals cant stop him

  25. NicoCAI says:

    im from independiente, and i would really like to see him play in Man. Utd. we have won matches just because of hi,. he for sure makes a difference in the argentinian futbol, and i hope that one day Man Utd calls him, because his moment is right now. and if you dont call it, we will watch him play in Benefica in a very short time, not joke

  26. Pablo Argentino Independiente says:

    Hello sorry for my English, I’m a fan of Independente Argentina as I read in some comments if Pato Rodriguez is one of the jewels of the club, I play Fri and does wonderful things with the ball. He’s very talented and I have no doubt played an excellent job if you are Manchester. Greetings from Argentina Red Devils all red Dible Manchester

  27. Damian says:

    Hello my name is Damian and I’m from Argentina and I’m from independent team he plays for Patricio Rodriguez and I can say is the best player is in Argentina with a few others who are in this moment the duckling is very good player is agile , fast, and very smart about playing, one thing that bothers me is that you are saying that independence is a team that has players that dogs do not bother me much more independent is the team winning all Libertadores de America with 7 America than in Europe would be the Champions League, football history says that independence is better than Manchester United and I can assure you that if Manchester United play independent and could win either, they both have good equipment.



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