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Luis Nani to Real Madrid!?

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Today i am talking about Real Madrid’s interest in Manchester United

winger Luis Nani


3 Responses to “Luis Nani to Real Madrid!?”

  1. Adam somali says:

    No where nani go

  2. nani is a good player, he still have much time to play at United, he’s go nowhere madrid keep off, he’s not Ronaldo.

  3. TK99 says:

    Even if you compare him to Nasri or Bale over the last couple of years ,Nani has proven that he’s a very important player in our squad..his Goals and assists over rhe last three years are second to none.Selling Nani not only will be a massive massive lose,but will also demonstrate that we are not the same Manchester United everyon knows. If Modric who scored bloody two oder three goals in three years worths 40 £ then Nani worths 60£ .I wouldn’t sell him for 60£ as the time has proven we sold Ronaldo for nothing .



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