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Podcast: Robin Van Persie is a Red!

Breaking is a podcast brought to you by KingEPL and The show features all the latest transfer specualtion and Manchester United news . All for your entertainment!

Today i am talking about Manchester United’s new signing Robin Van Pe



2 Responses to “Podcast: Robin Van Persie is a Red!”

  1. Guillermo says:

    Left out side in the cold I would say.

  2. Mick Singfield says:

    United will annihilate the majority of premiership sides where they get a decent amount of possession.
    Still don’t see the title going beyond your mates down the road though who are strong in every area- and in Tevez and Toure they have 2 genuine world class players- a level above Van Persie.
    Ferguson has done the world of football a favour though by showing up Arsenal for being the pathetic second rate feeder club that they are. All those sad little gooners will be consoling themselves with their club’s balance sheets for the 8th consecutive season fighting for survival with the likes of Villa and Wigan. Thats what happens when you let a deluded eccentric like Wenger take over your club.



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