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Hector Herrera to Manchester United done deal?

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Will Manchester United sign the Mexican starlet?

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15 Responses to “Hector Herrera to Manchester United done deal?”

  1. Rooney says:

    Definately ive heard nothing but good things about him and at £10 million why not take the chance?

  2. Andrew Mills says:

    exactly, however Sir Alex has just come out and said we are not signing anybody else. Strange…

  3. Big Boss says:

    Maybe he has bigger Surprise 😉 who knows?! Let’s wait and see

  4. Privilege says:

    No dats nonsense putin us in d dark. Bt if tru d guy is gud bt nt tal. Remember ‘fellaini’ hmn

  5. jubex says:

    yes we really need such player

  6. Osadua says:

    We need a defender

  7. Ebenezer says:

    I pray Fergie is planning a surprise, I think we can use a midfielder like him, i saw him played against Brazil at the Olympics.

  8. Thomas says:

    I would like to see United sign him, when you buy a Mexican player you get a hard working, dedicated, non-egotistacle player who is all about the team. That is the main reason they won the Olympic gold medal, unlike Brazil who had a team of stars where as the Mexican Team was the star and played as one. Look at the attitude of Chicharito since he has fallen down the pecking order, all he talks about is working harder for the team and playing whatever role the Gaffer wants. No I’m not Mexican but I admire the professionalism they all seem to have, along with motors that don’t seem to run out of gas, they work hard and deserve all our respect. Go United!!!

  9. Priscila Ene says:

    Great man united shoud pls sign him at least to back up

  10. Princejoe says:

    I think we need guy, he will be a great acquisition. Hope he becomes our last buy. Sir fergie go 4 him please

  11. Fergie must buy that mexico midfielder cus man utd need him

  12. Franklin says:

    Yeh,i’ve also seen really good talks about him,but i dont think ferguson is enthusiastic about buying him because,he’ll face stiff competition from likes of anderson,cleverly,powell and kagawa,thereby limiting his chances of playing,perhaps,i dont think he’ll be an immediate start for the united team.

  13. Steve says:

    No chance Ferguson does not see we need midfielders,we need more forwards.

  14. Fred santos says:

    I just hope and pray that fergie sign dat boy if he can buy powell y not Herrera a better one

  15. Adam says:

    I really want Man Utd to sign Moussa Dembele and we saw today just what a terrific player he is. The Mexican midfielder sounds promising, but why not get a more experience player and young player in Moussa Dembele for £15 million. He would be perfect alongside Cleverley.

    …………….De Gea…………..




    ………….van Persie………..

    I would sell Anderson and Nani to get funds and room for Dembele who can play winger as well if required. He looks at his strongest in centre of midfield and his dribbling skills is excellent, as is his tackling and defensive work. He could play alongside Cleverley or Carrick easily.



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