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Moussa Dembélé interests Manchester United + Nani out

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Today i am talking about the highly rated Moussa Dembélé!


13 Responses to “Moussa Dembélé interests Manchester United + Nani out”

  1. mladenManutd says:

    I hope we ll get him now or next year. He will be one of the best mf in the world.

  2. Craig says:

    We need something, He was far to strong for our midfield.
    we look like an ordinary team not title contenders.

  3. TK99 says:

    by far the best player on the pitch yesterday.He is simply what Man United need and lack,he’s crying for us to sign him. Having such player in our team, will give Cleverly and Carrick more freedom and space and will give our Back four a much needed support. His run forward and play interrupt was absolutely magnificent. What a shame that apart from all the top teams in England don’t have such a player.
    He’s a quality and value for money and available, but being overlooked.

  4. eltricolor2014 says:

    the answer to Citeh’s Toure? Quite possibly, looked fantastic yesterday and would be perfect behind Cleverly or Scholes. But how much? $30 million? I think SAF would want the big club discount, maybe $18? $24?

  5. Andrew Mills says:

    Very much so! powerfull, fast, good in defense… defiantly should make an approach

  6. Dema says:

    Typical. Sell Nani and Andersen? Yeah! Why not? And sell Chicharito too. At some point he is going to wake up to what SAF IS ALL ABOUT. His expression shows it. Evra out too. Why not? That idiot Berbatov hasn’t left yet? Wanker! Who needs two lungs in football anywasy, send him to QPR? Lets keep Scholes, Gigggs, Wellbeck, Johnny Boy, Jones, Young, Carrick. What a shit hot nucleus to build something around. A team GB going for gold. Yeah.

    Anyone here think Carrick was responsible for all of Fulham’s goals? No?

  7. Aduba Emeka Kester says:

    Buy dembele,he is a good player, then keep nani he is a skillful player,Nani is far better than young.instead sell young and anderson,if u want to sell nani! Then buy james rodriguez or ben-afa for us.pls don’t sell nani with out equal replacement

  8. Paul says:

    I think looking at the game against Everton and Fulham that we really need or could do with a Fellani or Dembele as that is almost always where we are outplayed.

    Please SAF one more buy and the title is def within our reach

  9. lununcle says:

    he can be our version of Yaya Toure….strong, powerful and he can score and pass the ball around with ease.

  10. robel says:

    the first thing that i couldn’t get is why is SAF keeping young,berbatove and anderson in the club.and why don’t he look to fill the hole, that makes manutd lose EPL last year and still it’s seen in the team.the only thing that man united misses is one combative strong midfield holder player, like yaya toure, demebele ,tiote ,m’villa.

  11. Red Underpants says:

    DEMA – spot on. Anderson made at least two goals with his off the ball movement. TC is a different player with him vs Carrick or even Scholes.

  12. Rahul says:

    Well Said Robel :

    Man Utd badly need a holding mid fielder. Its evident that they loose ball too often in the midfield. The tactical play that Mancini implemented in the game against Liverpool was spot on. He pulled off Nasri, introduced Rodwell ( Although from his mistake the second goal for Liverpool ). But it was just to free yaya toure. And the move paid off, with a goal. This is what we lack, last season we have been relying on Chicharito as super sub. We need players who are very strong. Not kids like anderson or evans…. 🙂



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