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Kevin Strootman to Manchester United? “New Roy Keane”

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Today i am talking about Kevin Strootman leaving PSV.


2 Responses to “Kevin Strootman to Manchester United? “New Roy Keane””

  1. sandro says:

    I really like this player Strootman he’s a good passer of the ball and very sound defensively can also offer a few goals. Would add some much needed steel to Man United midfield if he were to make the move. I really like this player and was actually hoping we’d sign during the summer

  2. Aj says:

    Dont need him, why waste money on Strootman simply because the Netherlands has labelled him ‘the new Roy Keane’ when we have Darren Fletcher and Ryan Tunnicliffe. Fletcher is a great unbeatable machine in midfield and at his best is one of the finest in his position. Ryan Tunnicliffe is like Keano/Gerrard and is the future of United, we have to do everything to keep Tunni, been saying it for years, the kid is going to be special nad we have to ensure that those years will be with us.

    Tunnicliffe, W&M.Keane, Cole, Lingard, Brady, Petrucci, Wootton can save United a hell of alot of cash in the future and we have to ensure we keep them here at Manchester United.



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