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What is Manchester United’s best Starting XI?

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Today I am talking about Manchester United best f

ormation and starting line-up.

To see a few of these players in action in the 2013/13 season click here for United Events.


  • Mr E

    Statring line up Lingard, Buttner, Rio. Wotton, Raphael, Carrick, Scholes, Petrucci,Wellbeck, RVP,Valencia.

  • Peter

    Wow! What a terrible formation and selection – no width!!! 4-2-3-1 as follows: De Gea; Rafael, Smalling, Vidic, Buttner; Fletcher, Cleverly; Valencia, Rooney, Kagawa; Van Persie Subs from – Lindegaard, Jones, Fabio, Evans, Anderson, Scholes, Powell, Nani, Young, Welbeck, and Hernandez.

  • Moe

    I’d go with 4-3-2-1, as follows :
    De Gea
    Jones Smalling Vidic Buttner
    Valencia Carrick Nani
    Rooney Kagawa

  • DeGea Raphael Smalling VIdIc buttner
    Valencia Anderson Kagawa Cleverly
    Rooney RVP

    subs: Lindegard, Jones, Carrick, Scholes, wellbeck, Hernandez, Fletcher.

  • de gea, rafael smalling. Vidic, buttner,
    cleverley, anderson, valencia, rooney, v.persie, nani

  • Ak

    Man utd vs newcastle sunday match:lindegaard,rafael,smalling,evans,evra (i prefer buttner but fergie will play evra)fletcher,anderson,cleversly,rooney ,van persie,welbeck in right because valencia is injured in a 4-3-3 but fergie will star with oldies scholes,carrick ,giggs because they were rested by fergie in tuesday match.

  • Ak

    As man utd fan i disagree with fergurson because he always play with old player he did not often introduce or encourage new young player these cleavesly ,anderson,powell and two promising young defender m keane and wootton these are player that are united futur not scholes,giggs,ferdinand. evra,carrick they are ageing now the two player has got their chance and enjoye winning champion league,cups and premier league title.

  • I would go for 4-3-2-1, with de gea, wooton, ferdinand, buttner, rafael, cleverly, fletcher, anderson, kagawa, rooney, van persie

  • collins

    i will go with the 4-3-2-1. De gea,raphael,smalling,vidic,buttner,anderson,scholes,cleverely,kagawa,rooney,RVP

  • princejoe

    4-3-2-1. De gea, Rafeal, Smalling,Vidic,Butner, Anderson, Fletcher,Cleverly, Rooney, Kagawa, Van persie. With this, we can keep possition because there will lots of movement all over the pitch & i doubt if our opponents can cope with it.

  • Bichitra Bijoy Das

    Formation from present squad – 4 – 2 – 3 -1 Dea Gea , Rafael , Smalling , Evans , Buttner , Fletcher , Anderson , Cleverly , Kagawa , Rooney , Van Persie Sub – Welback , Lingard , Valencia , Lindegard , Hernandez , Pettruci , Scholes , Wotton , Brady

  • De Gea
    Rafael vidic Smalling Evra
    valencia anderson cleverly
    lindegaard, nani, scholes, hernandez, welbeck, evans, buttner!!!

  • 4,3,3
    De-Gea,Raphael,Smalling,Vidic,Butner,Fletcher,Anderson,Cleverly,Kagawa,Rooney,Rvb.Sub:Lindegaad,Jones,Evans,Wooton,Scholes,Valencia,Nani,Chicharito.Ithnk 4 those whom ihv not mentioned ihp we can get better replacement 4them.
    This is in order 2help the team hv more of the ball & create more chances 4our strikers becoz our 4,4,2 using the flanks more make us see less of the ball.& Wth ths no body can stop us

  • Dio

    4-3-2-1 or 4-1-2-1-2 De Gea, Rafael, Rio, Evans, Buttner, Carrick, Anderson, Cleverley, Kagawa, Rooney, Van Persie. Kagawa was excellent on the inside left against spurs. Our very own Silva.

  • 4-2-3-1 De gea rafael smalling vidic buttner anderson cleverley valencia rooney kagawa van persie

  • Baz

    Assuming fully fit squad & Nani playing well:
    De Gea, Rafael, Evans (sorry Rio), Vidich, Evra
    Nani, Anderson, Cleverly, Young
    Rooney, Van Persie

    Subs From: Lindegaard, Ferdinand, Buttner, Smalling, Wellbeck, Giggs, Scholes Carrick, Kagawa, Valencia


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