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More benign Manchester United miscellany?!

Super Scots: Martin Buchan, Gordon Strachan and Choccy Eclair (Brian Mc’Clair ) have all won the Scottish footballer of the year award . In 1971, 1980 and 1987.

Teams we love to hate: When will they join the party? Effing perch that is Liverpool!


City: Don’t win trophies bar last season, Aguerooooooo, How was that 44 years of pain, three league titles .Three stars on the shirt?


Arsenal: Historically two giants of the English football league. A mere fact, one wins trophies ,the other comes up short !.

Shhhhhhh be quiet it’s the Emirates Stadium.

Chelsea: Modern fabricated for wannabees plastics, in de west end of Landin yous know. Sack’s de boss a new manager per season. Awright Dood and more drivel! Get lucky in winning a Champions league final.Finish 6th in the marathon of a Premier league in the same season. Plus they have the fabulous, no seriously John Terry at the rudder of the good ship lollipop that is Chelsay.

Newcastle United: Fans with pot bellies in replica shirts , mostly indecipherable swilling Newcastle broon ale by the barrel. Shouting up the cattle (big) market (C’mon you c***s) which may or not be addressed to their partners as they attempt to recall the last time they got it?! Win a cup!

Aston Villa: Given (hmm) how the Brummies don’t fill their stadium unless Manchester United visit Villa Park. A classic example, You have only come to see Manchester United.


5 Less than tall Reds:

Terry Gibson 1985 – 87 , 5ft 4in.

Ernest Taylor 1957 – 59 , 5ft 4in.

Danny Wallace 1989 – 93 , 5ft 5in.

Herbert Burgess 1906 – 10 , 5ft 5in.

Henry Cockburn 1946 – 54 , 5ft 5in.


5 Huge Reds:

Peter Fletcher 1972 – 73 , 6ft 5in.

Peter Schmeichel 1991 – 99 , 6ft 4in.

Gary Pallister 1989 – 98 , 6ft 4in.

Gordon McQueen 1978 – 85 , 6ft 4in.

Gary Walsh 1986 – 95 , 6ft 3in.
Excluding the fabulous Icons, Edwin van der Sar, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs the veteran Reds, top 5 appearances by age.

1 : Bill Meredith , 1921 46 year 281 days.
2 : Raimonnd van der Gouw 39 years , 48 days appeared for Manchester in 2001.
3 : In 1929 Frank Mann 38 years old 240 days still played for United.
4 : Jack Warner a young 38 years ,213 days played for United in 1950.
5 : Thomas Jones in 1937 hung up his United boots aged 38 years , 5 days.

All spurious tongue in cheek remarks!

your view?

By: Guest Writer!


2 Responses to “More benign Manchester United miscellany?!”

  1. oz says:

    at least arsenal didnt buy titles by stacking up 30 mill players.then cried when chelski and shitty started doing it.a muppet could win titles by out spending the rest which was red noses best won nothing last season,and looking at your team and awful defence nothing this year.

  2. Jim says:

    OZ, what you and so many others always forget is, the big difference between United and Chelsea and City is, United earned their wealth via smart on and of pitch managing, no pennies from heaven for United, just good old fashion smarts! So that proves success can come even without big oil money, so, are you jealous?????



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