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Thiago Alcantara v Kevin Strootman

Who would you want to see in the Manchester United Midfield?


20 Responses to “Thiago Alcantara v Kevin Strootman”

  1. godwin ora says:

    Both players are good you can dispute the fact.but the question is that which area did united need to reinforce,is it defensive midfielder or attacking midfielder united needs?to be realistic united need a defensive midfielder who can play box-to-box.In my own opinion i suggest united should go for Kevin Strootman

  2. Daryl says:

    Both good, but I would go for Kevin.

  3. stephen says:

    i will love to see the bot of them

  4. Isaac anointed says:

    united need both playerx…

  5. Big G says:

    Why not have both? Signing the two of them would give us strength in depth and a lot of options in midfield.

  6. Isaac anointed says:

    I tink it would be interesting having both of dem @ de team to help us push forward

  7. M K Dean says:

    none is good for manchester united

  8. leo says:

    we need thiago..

  9. simba says:

    we need them both

  10. Alfred Xyz says:

    I think both players are ok,but to go with one I prefer thiago,who can match the playing of d lik of Kagawa,cleverly ,rafael , van.p n zaha to change our mid type of play,kevin is good but will give us our old school kind of play.go thiago united.

  11. Alfred Xyz says:

    if man u will sign fabrigas,den less go 4 kevin bcos carrick has come of age.

  12. Gomba says:

    Thiago Alcantara is fine

  13. Alexander Graham says:

    We need Kevin more than Thiago. For an attacking midfielder we have the likes of kagawa and Ando. We dont need an attacking midfielder but a defensive midfielder.

  14. Sotimehin Olajide says:

    Presently,Utd only had kagawa as their playmaker y chelsea had mata and hazard.If we can get fabregas let kevin follow him.

  15. Joshua Garry says:

    Both of them. Anderson needs I be sold for a starter. Strootman would provide the defensive cover tactical awareness that Uniyed have been craving for. He is a box to box player with a lot of potential. It is also a fact that carrick cannot go on forever. Strootman is perfect for this is the long term. For me Thiago at 15m is too much of a bargain to let go. The guy is one of the best in the world. When he leaves Barcelona this will become evident

  16. Abiodun says:

    Both good, but I will advise united 2 go and sign VICTOR WAYAMA and CESC FABREGAS.

  17. ayedun says:

    both are good player but we need divensive midfielder like stroot man, we can buy d two of them.

  18. Ole Kasaine says:

    I think both players will fit in well

  19. Rans king says:

    Both of them undoubthably are amazing players. I have my heart on Alcantara but Strootman would be much useful for now

  20. Iyke says:

    Two of dem ar good.



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