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There’s a New Martial in Town

He has endured comparisons galore by being dubbed the new Henry, Anelka and Kluivert but there is one thing for certain Anthony Martial has the potential to surpass all of their achievements and become a great among the greats at Old Trafford.

When the 19-year-old arrived at United at the end of the transfer window many eyebrows were raised, not only at United but around the football world, at the size of the fee paid for such a young talent. Read the full story


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Stay Strong Shaw!

It was that sick feeling that you get in your stomach when you know that something serious has happened to a player as he goes down, visibly in agony.

That was the feeling I had as soon as I witnessed the challenge from PSV defender Hector Moreno on United’s Luke Shaw in the 15th minute of the Champions League clash at the Philips Stadion on Tuesday evening. Read the full story


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Manchester United vs Liverpool: A Match not Made in Heaven

Man United and Liverpool rivalry continues.

The two biggest rivals in the Premier League are heading for their first clash of the season this weekend at Old Trafford. A time when not only the teams battle it out on the pitch, but also the rival factions battle it out, verbally, on the terraces.

Everybody in English football has their adversaries, however none more so than the reds from either end of the East Lancs. A rivalry that has been built up over the years and one that is not likely to get any friendlier anytime in the future. Read the full story


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