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A New Start?


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Sam: *phone rings* So how about that game eh?!

Paul: Haven’t seen it yet. Don’t tell me anything. I had the best dream though!

Sam: How could a dream beat that?

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United x Liverpool: A ‘Friendly Rivalry’ Overseas!

United young guns

By: Michael Davide

Manchester United vs Liverpool FC. One of the most bitter footballing rivalries the English game has ever seen and on the 5th of August 01:00 BST we were able to watch the two giants of football go up against each other in the ICC final. Before we get into this match report, let me state what the starting XI for Manchester United was (3-5-2) : Read the full story


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Summarising Holland in the Group Stage: Part 1 – Holland vs. Spain

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Part 1: Holland vs Spain: The importance of Holland’s zonal man marking scheme

Holland’s 5-3-2/3-5-2 system against Spain worked a treat and to everyone’s surprise, was so devastating it resulted in a 5-1 scoreline! The Dutch could have scored more as they continued to slice through the Spanish defence. But what were some key aspects in Holland’s victory over Spain? I’m going to look at one which, in my opinion, was the bedrock of where the game was won and lost for Spain: Holland’s zonal man marking. Read the full story


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