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Summarising Holland in the Group Stage: Part 1 – Holland vs. Spain

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Part 1: Holland vs Spain: The importance of Holland’s zonal man marking scheme

Holland’s 5-3-2/3-5-2 system against Spain worked a treat and to everyone’s surprise, was so devastating it resulted in a 5-1 scoreline! The Dutch could have scored more as they continued to slice through the Spanish defence. But what were some key aspects in Holland’s victory over Spain? I’m going to look at one which, in my opinion, was the bedrock of where the game was won and lost for Spain: Holland’s zonal man marking. Read the full story


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Do we need to go into the January transfer market?

After witnessing Manchester United defeat against Blackburn Rovers for our New Year’s Eve match, I would touch on another significant matter to the football world, the opening of the transfer window. I have heard a lot of United fans voice out in blogs, newspapers and talk shows on the need for United to sign someone in January and I have been asked on my view on this topic a few times. My opinion on this matter is that I don’t believe Sir Alex Ferguson will sign anyone in January. If he does, I will be genuinely surprised now whether the surprise, is positive or negative, only time will tell. Read the full story


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Scholes amongst United’s Top 10 goalscorers

It says everything about Paul Scholes that he has crept unnoticed into Manchester United’s all time goalscorers Top 10 with his dramatic injury time winner against Manchester City on Saturday. No fanfare, no fuss – aside from a startling kiss on the lips from Gary Neville, and certainly no pre planned celebration despite his milestone. A typical Scholesy understatement.

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