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PIC: Valencia not a diver, %100 correct penalty!

There were many comments from Liverpool fans that Mark Halsey has gifted United the three points when he gave United a penalty. However replays and other referees agree that Halsey decision was absolutely right!

Check the Picture below and

look where Johnson’s hands were placed!

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Liverpool Kop: View from opposition!


Guest Writer.

Ahead of Sundays hugely anticipated match against our fiercest Mersey – side rivals Liverpool, we have asked the excellent Liverpool Kop some pertinent question regarding Liverpool and Manchester United. Jaimie Kanwar the site editor takes time out from his busy schedule to share his opinions! Read the full story


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Oh How It Hurts to lose there…..

Oh how it hurts to lose to one of the teams that we absolutely hate losing to; Liverpool. How the faces got gloomy and sullen after a defeat like that. The emotions felt at this point of time would be one of heartbreak and disappointment after a late winner by Liverpool in a game that was in most parts dominated by Manchester United. The Scousers would feel that justice had been done as Patrice Evra let Dirk Kuyt in to volley home the winner but we dominated large parts of the match which is scant consolation at the end of it all because we have been knocked out of another cup competition this season and that to at the hands of our rival. Read the full story


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