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Man United’s Smash & Grab in the Capital


Guest submission by Miles Dunton

In a week that started so badly with United players falling like flies with injury after injury has ended on an incredible high with a victory over Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal in their own backyard. Read the full story


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Time to clear the air on Cesc Fabregas

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Before I start this article, I wish to spare a few words for Tito Vilanova. Barcelona called for an unexpected press conference with news that Tito is set to resign after a second relapse in his fight against cancer.  The fact that Vilanova wanted to continue his tenure as Barca boss after his treatments in New York shows he’s a very determined person. It’s heart-warming to know he went out a champion in his dream job.  I wish him all the best and hope he is successful in beating this cancer.

Now for Cesc….

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Manchester United’s Defense Showing Progress While Complacency Simply Won’t Go Away

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Personally, I don’t think I’ve witnessed such a poor performance from Arsenal against United. If there was any confirmation of the gulf in class between the two teams, it was confirmed on Saturday. With Manchester United barely getting out of second gear and Arsenal’s limp display, it made for a disappointing spectacle. Read the full story


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