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Bad Start To The New Year!

First game in the new year and we commenced it with where we left off in 2011, with a defeat but the defeat this time, our third in the league already this season was a resounding one. The defeat was as resounding and as one-sided as the trashing we got in St. James’ Park in 1996. The score-line reflected it to an extent. There was much talk pre-game about Manchester United responding from the disappointing defeat we suffered at home in our last fixture of 2011 at the hands of Blackburn Rovers and coming out fighting like wounded tigers but instead, we responded meekly like tame cats. Read the full story


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Do we need to go into the January transfer market?

After witnessing Manchester United defeat against Blackburn Rovers for our New Year’s Eve match, I would touch on another significant matter to the football world, the opening of the transfer window. I have heard a lot of United fans voice out in blogs, newspapers and talk shows on the need for United to sign someone in January and I have been asked on my view on this topic a few times. My opinion on this matter is that I don’t believe Sir Alex Ferguson will sign anyone in January. If he does, I will be genuinely surprised now whether the surprise, is positive or negative, only time will tell. Read the full story


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Darren Fletcher: United through and through

If there is a player who epitomises Manchester United’s spirit in the current squad, it is Darren Fletcher. Having joined United at the age of 11, he worked tirelessly through the youth system, starring in youth teams and quickly became one of the hottest prospects in English football.

Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United wanted to give Darren Fletcher his debut at the age of 16 against Aston Villa in 2000, which would have made him the youngest ever Manchester United player but were prohibited by Premier League  rules as Darren Fletcher was still on a schoolboy contract. Darren Fletcher subsequently signed a trainee contract just weeks later before going on to sign his first professional contract on his 17th birthday. Read the full story


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