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Do we need to go into the January transfer market?

After witnessing Manchester United defeat against Blackburn Rovers for our New Year’s Eve match, I would touch on another significant matter to the football world, the opening of the transfer window. I have heard a lot of United fans voice out in blogs, newspapers and talk shows on the need for United to sign someone in January and I have been asked on my view on this topic a few times. My opinion on this matter is that I don’t believe Sir Alex Ferguson will sign anyone in January. If he does, I will be genuinely surprised now whether the surprise, is positive or negative, only time will tell. Read the full story


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Hoodoo Hammered at Home

Manchester United exorcised the hoodoo of Craven Cottage in emphatic fashion yesterday with a 5-0 trashing of the home side. A very good result in the festive season that we are in, heading into Christmas. Ever since our exit from the Champions League, we have upped the ante with our performances and results. There’s no more of the laboured 1-0 wins in the aftermath of the humiliation by Manchester City but from experience of past seasons, I believe those laboured, gritty 1-0 wins are as appreciated as the 5-0 wins in the bigger picture of winning the Premier League title and they would make a return too if there is a need to because it is impossible for a team to play in the same way all the time in a league as competitive as the Premier League. Read the full story


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The SUPERFAN guide to the new season

Written by: Liam Wrestlemania Brown

Welcome one and all to my very first attempt at blogging for this glorious website, I hope you enjoy the read as I attempt to waste the next half an hour of your life.  The subject matter is one of great importance to me and one that is forever close to the Red Dead Podcast’s heart; the phenomenon of the “super fan”.  As I sat on my couch watching De Gea’s shaky looking league debut for the Super Reds of Manchester, I thought to myself, what better time to lift the lid on “supra fannious” than at the threshold of another premier league season, so let’s identify our own.. Read the full story


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