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Fans Grab the Headlines in a Forgettable Roses Derby

By Liam “Wrestlemania” Brown

Well, well, Elland Road hasn’t changed. The Leeds team (a far cry from their financially irresponsible glory days) hasn’t changed. And neither has the press’ ability to deflect any discussion of a cakewalk of a game into moral outrage too. I’m talking about the “Istanbul” chants, but first a BRIEF summary of the game. Well, it was a fantastic first half display from United, merit badges handed out to Fryers, Valencia, Fabio, Prefect Owen and Head Boy Giggsy. Fryers looks confident, eager, yet composed, retained the ball well apart from a few 40 yard attempts at a “Hollywood Pass” (one which he completed by the way). But other than that a very comfortable first half display. 2nd half wasn’t quite as thrilling yet more an exercise in how to control and see out a victory in a hostile environment, culminating in a bizarre Berbatov/Carrick defensive partnership. 

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The SUPERFAN guide to the new season

Written by: Liam Wrestlemania Brown

Welcome one and all to my very first attempt at blogging for this glorious website, I hope you enjoy the read as I attempt to waste the next half an hour of your life.  The subject matter is one of great importance to me and one that is forever close to the Red Dead Podcast’s heart; the phenomenon of the “super fan”.  As I sat on my couch watching De Gea’s shaky looking league debut for the Super Reds of Manchester, I thought to myself, what better time to lift the lid on “supra fannious” than at the threshold of another premier league season, so let’s identify our own.. Read the full story


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No Fresh French challenge for Berbatov

Sir Alex Ferguson is convinced Manchester United are not going to sell last season Premier League top scorer Dimitar Berbatov to PSG. The French club is spending big this season after the takeover by Qatari investors.

Ferguson dismissed reports linking PSG for a move for Berbatov as twaddle.

He also remarked: “There’s no encouragement for us either.” It was reported that a £20 million deal is offered to United to allow the move, but United have been ignoring the rumors. Read the full story


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