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60’s Memories – The Law according to Denis

The best goalscorer Manchester United legend Denis Law has ever seen is Jimmy Greaves but when he looks around the Premier League the striker he can relate to best is Wayne Rooney. Law does not watch many games these days but he did travel to Wembley in May to see the Champions League Final. Like everyone else, he was impressed with Barcelona and Lionel Messi but Rooney’s ­equaliser was like a ray of hope. “Rooney will probably break all goal scoring records if he keeps away from injury” Law says ”he needs to be sharp and fit. That’s the secret. You can’t teach a person to score goals. There are loads of players who get into a position and you know they are not going to score. Then there are others like Michael Owen, Messi and Ronaldo who will score. Rooney’s in that category.”

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