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The SUPERFAN guide to the new season

Written by: Liam Wrestlemania Brown

Welcome one and all to my very first attempt at blogging for this glorious website, I hope you enjoy the read as I attempt to waste the next half an hour of your life.  The subject matter is one of great importance to me and one that is forever close to the Red Dead Podcast’s heart; the phenomenon of the “super fan”.  As I sat on my couch watching De Gea’s shaky looking league debut for the Super Reds of Manchester, I thought to myself, what better time to lift the lid on “supra fannious” than at the threshold of another premier league season, so let’s identify our own.. Read the full story


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Blinded By Faith

To become a football fan is to embrace the irrationality that our species is hard-wired to subsist. We see reason where there isn’t any, we see causality where there isn’t any, we make judgements based on what we already believe, we justify and rationalise those beliefs in order to reduce internal feelings of doubt and conflict. We generalise and stereotype, giving preferential treatment to those who we perceive to be members of our own group, attributing our own decisions to our prevailing rules, the decisions of outsiders to their mere attitudes and behaviours. We indulge further in groupthink and herd behaviour, recalling our decisions and opinions as being more informed than they actually were. And most importantly, what we want to see in ourselves we see in those we feel we relate to, we see what we want to see. Read the full story


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Get to know Emily…United’s youngest fan!

We usually like to keep in touch with our readers here and also to contribute with fans in other Man United fans blogs…I noticed a member from Ireland on those blogs called Gotta Hate Tiny Tears(GHTT) who used to end most of his posts with youtube links. Being the inquiring guy that I am, I went to find out what they were about. They were videos featuring the cutest girl you will ever see singing Man United chants.

As we got to know GHTT better, I discovered that the said girl was his daughter Emily. First thing that came to mind, and I told him this, was “finally a responsible parent”! I found it fantactic that someone would take the time to teach their kid, a girl nonetheless, all about Manchester United. Read the full story


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