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Johnny Giles remembers his early days at United

Here’s some free advice to younger Manchester United fans. The older you get, the sharper your memories become especially when it’s involved with football. The strange thing is that you tend to remember special names that may have been forgotten by most others. A perfect example is former Ireland international John Giles who after winning an FA Cup medal with United in 1963 went on to become a legend for both Ireland and Leeds United but it’s the six years spent at United that sticks in one’s memory.

Giles was voted Ireland’s greatest player so when his new book ‘John Giles: A Football Man’ is released in November, it will make compulsive reading for this old fart – and I dare say, many of the same generation. His memories of joining United as a young kid makes for a highly interesting Sunday read – here’s an extract from the book published in Irelands Sunday Independent

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