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A Tribute To Roy Keane – From normblog

I was recently profiled on the blog of Norman Geras (link here), Professor Emeritus of Government at the University of Manchester and author of Marx and Human Nature, amongst other works. Bear with me here, this isn’t some massive self-promoting ego trip, it turns out that Mr Geras, having moved to Manchester from Zimbabwe (then Southern Rhodesia) in 1962, is a big United fan. Come on, he wasn’t going to choose City, was he?

Norm normally blogs on political and philosophical matters, such as this superb piece he did recently, putting forward the case for the spread of Western liberal democracy, by force where necessary (link here). However, his blog also has the odd piece on United, one of which I would like to share below. Written by Morris Sheftel in 2005 (link here), it is a tribute to Roy Keane, in my eyes arguably the greatest player in United’s history, and a man people would be foolish to write off as a manager. Hope you enjoy it. Read the full story


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