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Radamel Falcao and Mario Gotze to Manchester United?

Talking about the recent rumours surrounding the two players!


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Ronaldo to open CR9 shop in Madrid – another sh*t by Marca

Cristiano Ronaldo is looking to open a new branch of CR7 clothes shop in Madrid. If so…It is good business move from our Portuguese superstar after opening the first two branches in Madeira and Lisbon.

As usual, the Spanish famous sports paper’ Marca has explained this event the way it likes. They think this is just an indication that Ronaldo is going to wear Real Madrid shirt next season. They also said in the front page that the shop name will be CR9 because Raul is wearing number 7. Read the full story


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Ronaldo keeps United on top

A penalty goal from Cristiano Ronaldo ended the resistance of Everton’s Mikel Arteta and consolidated the leadership of Manchester United, with a five-point advantage over Liverpool and Chelsea, who face each other today at Anfield.

Argentine Carlos Tevez, who was part of the initial eleven Alex Ferguson and Bulgarian Dimitar Berbatov, had opportunities to expand revenue. But had no success.

Arteta was active and tried to tie the pace of the game despite the might of their adversary. Everton scored marked the eleventh in the personal account of Ronaldo, which equals to Robinho ones, Manchester City and is situated three of Chelsea’s French Nicolas Anelka, the leader of goal scorers of the Premier.

The markers also relieve the picture of Manchester United. A lack of match between Liverpool and Chelsea, second and third, which will close to Newcastle and Sunderland on the twenty fourth day, none of the top ten of the table made the three points.


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