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Manchester United v Fulham – The Beginning of Something New

Unfortunately, not everything went to plan yesterday. Once again, Manchester United managed to concede some sloppy goals. When Fulham got their second goal, it seemed to take the life out of us as we seemed to limp across the finish line. The good

thing is there were more positives than negatives. Our attack looks quite promising with the acquisition of Kagawa and Van Persie and with a better backline, we’ll look even stronger. There’s were some players who I think deserve some notable mentions from yesterday’s performance. Read the full story


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A Good Tonic To Overcome A Disappointment

4-1 is what the score board read at Old Trafford at the end of 90 minutes in Manchester United’s first game after the massive disappointment of the very early exit from the Champions League. Pre- game, I had called this match to be close as Wolverhampton Wanderers have run us close in our three encounters last season and even managed to beat us at Molinuex in the Premier League. It was close this season too but as the scoreline suggests it wasn’t too close and we could have scored more and win by a bigger margin. Read the full story


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