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Man United vs Yeovil Town: Down memory lane.

Yeovil Town will host their glamour tie against the mighty Manchester United, in the 3rd round of the oldest cup competition in world football, on Sunday 4th January 2015.

What a tie this will be, as it is by far Yeovil Town’s biggest match for almost 70 years. The sides have met twice before, both times in the FA Cup. Here we take a walk down memory lane and have a look at those matches.

Their first encounter was in the 1937-38 season. It was the FA Cup 3rd round, and the match was held at Old Trafford on the 8th of January.

Man United’s team that day was: Thomas Breen, William Roughton, Hubert Redwood, George Vose, Jimmy Brown, William McKay, Bill Bryant, Thomas Bamford, Jack Rowley, Stan Pearson and Henry Baird.

Man Utd ran out 3-0 winners in the match, with goals from Bamford, Pearson and Baird. Played out in front of a crowd of 49,004

There is an interesting side story from the match. A group of cyclists rode bicycles up to Manchester (220 miles) to watch Yeovil play at Old Trafford. When United heard about this they gave them all a free ticket to the match in the old D stand. Those were the days.

A decade later the two teams met again. On the 12th of February in the 1948-49 season. United were the holders of the cup as they had beaten Blackpool the previous season 4-2 at Wembley.

This time it was the 5th round of the FA Cup, and the match was played at Manchester City’s old ground, Maine Road. This was because of the work still being carried out at Old Trafford after the damage during the war. The attendance for the match was an incredible 81,565.

The United team that day was: Crompton, Carey, Aston, Cockburn, Chilton, McGlen, Delaney, Pearson, Burke, Rowley and Mitten.

United totally dominated the match and ended up scoring a hat full of goals as they ended up winning 8-0. The scorers were: Mitten, Burke (2) and the prolific striker Jack Rowley bagged himself five goals.

How times have changed from those days.

I sincerely hope that Yeovil Town enjoy their day in the spotlight, but not too much of course. I am expecting a comfortable win, and for United to go on a long cup run all the way to Wembley.

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Book Review – When Mitten started a revolution

Believe it or not, there was a time when football was a working mans game for its biggest stars. And no, it was not centuries ago but within the lifetime of many who are reading this. Can anyone imagine the likes of Wayne Rooney earning £8 a week at Manchester United? Yet that was precisely what Englands greatest footballers were faced with just 60 years ago! Yes, it sounds hard to believe in 2011 but I was in my early teens during those days and remember when England captain Johnny Haynes became the first £100 a week player in the early sixties and some pundits predicting the destruction of professional football.

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Why Manchester United was sold

Truly Reds does not normally do book reviews. Although many Manchester United ones go on the market each year, their reviews are normally left to specialist websites. There is the occasional one however which is worthy of bringing to the attention of our readers. GLORY, Glory! Man United in the 1990s – The Players’  Stories, by Andy Mitten is such a book. This short preview is sure to be of interest to all fans.

Mitten travelled around Europe to conduct in depth face to face interviews with Andrew Cole,  Nicky Butt, Jordi Cruyff,  Martin Edwards,  Lee Sharpe,  Gary Pallister,  Paul Parker,  David May,  Eric Cantona, Lee Martin and Jesper Blomqvist.

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