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Bring Out The Witch Doctor

How strange it was to watch Manchester United play on a Thursday night in a European game. As the players lined up, they heard the anthem of the Europa League which was uncharted territory for anyone with an United affiliation. I must say that some of the players looked dumbfounded at listening to an anthem that wasn’t as stirring as they are used to in the Champions League. If United’s ambition of progressing further in this competition is true, then the players got to get used to listening to the anthem. Read the full story


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Can’t wait till Saturday, bring on Liverpool!

As the build up continues and gathers pace for the big game this Saturday against our hated arch-rivals, Liverpool, the team we love to hate and that too with a passion wherever you are in the globe, let’s take a glimpse back in the not so distant past; to last Sunday to be precise. Read the full story


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Can We Really Make It 20 This Season?

The statistics this morning read; Manchester United joint top but still second in the table due to an inferior goal difference compared to that of Manchester City. Our neighbours lost thanks to a goal by an ex-Red Devil, the most recent one to move to the blue half of Liverpool, Darron Gibson. Ironically, his departure might have brought about some cheers among United fans all over the world and what is more ironic, is that perhaps his goal in the blue of Everton must have been cheered loudest by United fans; louder than any that he has scored while wearing the red of Manchester United. Read the full story


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