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Greatest United XI, Busby Babes and The Terminator


Goalkeepers and Defenders                                                 


So, another review is here, the good people at PR Genie have decided that more time and devotion shall be spent on my couch as I trawl through some obvious, some surprising,and some downright ridiculous candidates for the best Manchester United XI. In stark comparison to the otherwise impressive Rooney Goal Machine, the opening titles and graphics have a slight air of class about them, less Europa League, more Champions League perhaps. Loud classical music blares triumphantly with the overblown grandiosity of a late ‘90s SKY Sports advert. The basic format is from a competition invented by the club’s website in 2011 where fans vote on the best players for each position, based on what I’m guessing is a rigid 4-4-2 formation.

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No turkeys in this Christmas cracker…..

Welcome to Liam “Wrestlemania” Brown’s Barry Norman/Claudia Winkleman impersonation.  Finally, I have been asked to join the likes of Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert and become a film critic.  Ok, maybe not, but we were kindly handed a copy of Rooney Goal Machine for our consideration, so after popping it on  during a lazy Sunday Evening, I’ll tell you what I thought if you should lend me your ears…

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Red Dead Podcast 5 – Sweethearts World Cup, Tw@tter and Stolen Bikes

Welcome to the fifth episode of the Red Dead Podcast, the juggernaut keeps on rolling. As always, this weeks episode is brought to you by Tom “Darren Fletcher” Addison and Liam “Wrestlemania” Brown.

This week we’re discussing contemporary feminist issues, women having crap penalty shoot-outs, twitter superfans, the latest update on the monotonous transfer speculation, and a crimewave that’s destroying the lives of cyclists in western Lancashire. And Darren Fletcher’s weight problem.

Comments, feedback and questions would be greatly appreciated, you can contact us on

Remember, you can also follow us, and Truly Reds, on Twitter: @TrulyReds @TomRDPodcast and @LiamRDPodcast

Join us again soon, where we’ll be apologising for our previous podcast, and then going on to upset more vulnerable sections of society. And you’ll love it.

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