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Greatest United XI, Busby Babes and The Terminator


Goalkeepers and Defenders                                                 


So, another review is here, the good people at PR Genie have decided that more time and devotion shall be spent on my couch as I trawl through some obvious, some surprising,and some downright ridiculous candidates for the best Manchester United XI. In stark comparison to the otherwise impressive Rooney Goal Machine, the opening titles and graphics have a slight air of class about them, less Europa League, more Champions League perhaps. Loud classical music blares triumphantly with the overblown grandiosity of a late ‘90s SKY Sports advert. The basic format is from a competition invented by the club’s website in 2011 where fans vote on the best players for each position, based on what I’m guessing is a rigid 4-4-2 formation.

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The moment Red Nev KNEW his time was up

The end came for me on New Year’s Day, 2011 – and it came on a toilet at The Hawthorns. It wasn’t the way I’d have chosen to finish, but I knew for certain that this was my last game. After 18 years at Manchester United, after 602 first-team appearances, I was in the middle of playing for my team for the last time. And I couldn’t wait for it to be over. In the dressing room, the manager was barking instructions about how we were going to improve on a dire first half performance against West Brom.

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How United got the unforgettable ’19’

United finally knocked Liverpool off  their perch last season. Following an endless supply of trophies under Sir Alex Ferguson, none meant more to United’s global legion of fans than their 19th league title – simply because it finally put Liverpool in their place. When Alan Hansen captained Liverpool to their most recent championship in 1990, the tally read 18-7 in Liverpool’s favour and few would have given the Scot a prayer of capturing one championship, never mind 12.

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