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David Moyes: The Tactician

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In our last piece on Moyes, we covered his playing career and how those same characteristics as a player carried through to his managerial days. We also highlighted a slight distinction between Sir Alex’s and David Moyes’ positions as players (striker and centre half respectively) which from a tactical point of view, may suggest Moyes has a different view for how Manchester United will set up in the future. Read the full story


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Week in Review: Manchester United’s Tactics Home and Abroad Part 2

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This is part 2 of a tactical analysis of Manchester United’s performances and the potential conclusions wh

ich arise from these games.

Darren Fletcher

Another slow start by Manchester United and another comeback in what could have been a much more comfortable game. United have now conceded first in 13 of their 20 games this season and it should come as to no surprise part of the problem stems from midfield.

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It’s not a Midfield Issue, It’s a Team Issue: United Lack Defensive Discipline and Concentration

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Amidst all the recent controversy surrounding Mark Clattenburg, Manchester United’s feat of finally being Chelsea at Stamford Bridge for the first time in over ten years should not be forgotten. It wasn’t a great performance from United but after incurring some shocking decisions at Stamford Bridge, it was nice to see the luck go in our favor. Read the full story


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