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United options to solve their long term midfield situation

Options to solve United problem

By: Michael Amaning

For a long period of time, Manchester United fans have yearned for a central midfielder who has a creative element to their play. A player who doesn’t play just behind the striker but someone who can play deeper and dictate play alongside Michael Carrick. Since the start of David Moyes’ time at Old Trafford, we seem to have taken steps in the right direction in showing interest in CMs who are of a high quality. Read the full story


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Gündogan vs Fabregas: which player is best for United?


By: Daniel Bawden

Over the past month Iker Gundogan & Cesc Fabregas have emerged as two of the fans favourites for a central-midfielder purchase this summer, both Cesc and Ilkay are fantastic players & would both contribute hugely towards United’s title campaign this season. But which player is best for United?


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Time to clear the air on Cesc Fabregas

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Before I start this article, I wish to spare a few words for Tito Vilanova. Barcelona called for an unexpected press conference with news that Tito is set to resign after a second relapse in his fight against cancer.  The fact that Vilanova wanted to continue his tenure as Barca boss after his treatments in New York shows he’s a very determined person. It’s heart-warming to know he went out a champion in his dream job.  I wish him all the best and hope he is successful in beating this cancer.

Now for Cesc….

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