Brian McClair to replace Carlos Queiroz as Sir Alex’s Number 2

Brian McClair United are looking to appoint Brian McClair as replacement to Carlos Queiroz, Sir Alex Ferguson’s No 2, who is expected to take over from Luiz Felipe Scolari as Portugal manager. Queiroz will be meeting with the Portuguese FA officials in Lisbon today to discuss the deal. Although the club wants compensation for Queiroz, Sir Alex Ferguson lost little time to identify McClair as a potential replacement. McClair, who was appointed director of the youth academy last year, was part of the team of the backroom staff since 2001 and has played for the club for over a decade.

Queiroz played a major role in Manchester United including recent successes back to back Premier League titles and last season UEFA champions league. Although he is being offered more money to stay at the club as Fergie’s No. 2, has preferred to help Portugal and try to win the world cup.

Queiroz has informed both Portugal and Manchester United of his decision according to the mirror. “I can say little more than you know at this time,” Queiroz said. “Currently, the matter is out of my hands. From my part, there is not much to say, it needs to be resolved between the federation and Manchester United. “We must wait calmly. I have spoken with the two parties and now I wait for movement.”

If Queiroz leaves, Sir Alex will be forced to appoint the sixth assistant in his 22 years at the club. McClair, who was credited for his work with the junior team, is familiar with the structure of the club and his appointment would reduce trouble to the team, but it won’t add the same experience of that the Portuguese brought to the job.

Queiroz has managed Real Madrid, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates and was also coach of Portugal Under-20. He first came to Manchester United in 2002 and played a crucial role in Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani and Anderson move to Old Trafford.

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